*Tear Drops*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Tear drops fill my eyes 
As i start to cry 
I think of you 


I ask myself why 
Why the pain i feel inside 
Why the heartaches 


I wish this wasn't true 
Because i truly love you 
But it doesn't matter 


Because my heart is torn in two 
I wish I could sue 
For a broken heart 
But no one really knew 


I miss you so much 
Your special look 
It's gone 


Your special touch 
That's gone too 
We'll have our memories 
Of the good times though 


But the last tear falls from my eye 
That is the tear drop 
Never again 
I must cry 


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Fairytales and Nightmares

Lost Love

Full of tears, this night turns out
I wanted to whisper but then I shout.
Just like rain that keeps on pouring hard
Burst my fears and heartaches forward.


I’m being abate, getting weaker and weaker
As if things wouldn’t be the same again, not ever.
Fairytales and nightmares will then forever be an illusion
I can’t think well because of aggravation.


Thoughts of togetherness must be set aside,
Feelings should be just kept and in right time be confide
Forget all the memories and moments shared,
For I don’t want to hurt myself more, I’m already scared


But then regrets never let the chance to go beyond
I know for some reason, we tend to be fond
Devoted in loving each others love
Not just in lifetime but also in the heavens above.

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