They each approached their God in their own way…

some stood, some knelt…most of them bowed their heads…

“I come to you with a problem…I need your help!” they said.


Then as their Gods listened from their heavens or from atop their mountain peak

simultaneously from here on Earth each person began to speak…


From all corners of the planet…their appeals were the same

“There is so much hate in the world,” they said…

and they were quick to place the blame…


(Here is where each person’s story gets a little odd)

for they put the blame not on themselves…

but on the other people and their Gods.


Each God listened intently from their place up in the sky

and after a moment or two of silence…each God began to cry.


“You have forgotten why you were put here.” Each God answered, 

“I find it so bizarre…that you have forgotten your reason for living

you have forgotten who you are.”


“This is not a problem for me.” Each God continued.

“You know what you need to do…

or have you forgotten the power to fix this…

lies not with me…but you?”


“You speak to us of hate!,” 

this was spoken in one combined voice booming from above…

“Come back to us,” the voice continued, 


“when you can speak of love.”

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I wanted to write a poem about hate…

as a way to understand it

but the more I tried…the more this poem…

didn’t go the way I planned it…


I wanted to write a poem about hate…

but the more I searched my brain

I found hate much too complicated…

too difficult to explain…


I wanted to write poem about hate…

instead the best I can do

is write about something I’ve often wondered about

something…I believe to be true….


Something we all need to be reminded….

to remember before it’s too late…

how we were created by love…to love

not created by hate…to hate.


It’s funny:

I wanted to write a poem about hate

because lately…it’s what I’ve been thinking of

but when I sat down to actually write it

all I could think about


was love.


Once again our nation…our world…is mired…in a sad and gloomy fog

as 11 more people have been massacred in a Pittsburgh synagogue…


11 innocent people praying one minute…the next ceasing to exist 

11 innocent people added to a long and growing list.


Once again we are filled sorrow…once again our grief we can’t disguise

Once again we feel for the families…once again the whole world cries…


Yes, once again we’re crying as more of our innocence drifts away

because tears are all we have left…when we have no more words to say.



Joyce Fienberg, 75


Richard Gottfried, 65


Rose Mallinger, 97


Jerry Rabinowitz, 66


Cecil Rosenthal, 59


David Rosenthal, 54


Bernice Simon, 84


Sylvan Simon, 86, (husband of Bernice)


Daniel Stein, 71


Melvin Wax, 88



Irving Younger, 69

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I wonder if our president and everyone who hates have any idea why they hate  or where their hate originates.


Did something happen to make them hate? Is it something they can elucidate?


When did this hateful point of view come to permeate all they say and do?


Is hate like a cold…something they once caught or was it from their parents…taught?


If we were born to love why did they depart…when did hate engulf their hearts?


Do they understand when animosity and malevolence they create it empowers other people to loathe and hate?


And when they think about it wouldn’t they find it odd that they’ve linked their hatred with their God?


For if God is love as all religions teach then wouldn’t all God’s everywhere our love beseech?


And those who stand behind a president who hates…who do nothing as he vituperates?


who cheer and encourage him…all those who applaud…I have to wonder…where is their God?


It sickens and saddens many of us to see this hate and we can no longer sit on our hands and wait.


It’s time to put our country back on track…to defeat this evil…we must fight back.


And the first part of the antidote is to go to the polls in November…and vote!


There may be no way to eliminate hate…of this I have no doubt 

No… we may not be able to eliminate it…


but we can can sure as hell vote it out.

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I have never lingered in a field of heather 

but I can imagine how it feels…

to be enveloped by its pinks and purples…

to experience the beauty it reveals. 


to be intoxicated by its aroma…

like the birds, the air, the bees…

to watch it glisten in the morning sun 

and undulate in the breeze.


I hope one day to walk in heather…I hope I get the chance

I’d love to be surrounded by its beauty…and watch its blossoms dance.


Each year heather loses its blooms…one day its colors fade…

perhaps reminding us how life is momentary…a fleeting serenade…


Yet my hope for heather is never ending…

it's constantly spreading its wings

knowing, even if I miss another year…

it will return in Spring…



I never knew the Heather…who was killed in Charlottesville.

I never got to experience her beauty…and now I never will.


because hate has taken her from us…no longer will she sing…

no longer will she laugh or play…or return to us in Spring…


Yes, I hope one day to linger in a field of heather

and by its beauty perhaps be kissed….

But today, more than ever, I am saddened…


by all the Heathers I have missed.

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Once again we have come face to face with a frightening argument…

a chilling metaphysical debate…

And it is crucial we decide where our allegiance lies…

Is it love…or is it hate.


Hate is louder, meaner, and in the daily news seems to carry much more weight

But stop and look around a moment…you will see more love than hate.


Hate says: I condemn, I blame, I punish, I bully, I kill.

Love says I praise, I flatter, I forgive, I befriend, I comfort…I instill.


Hate says, we must build a wall because you are not at all like me.

Love says give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.


Hate says I am born from circumstances I did not create.

Love says people are born to love and must be taught to hate.


Hate sometimes says I follow the teaching of my God…a God both omnipotent and great.

Love says I know of no God who would tell anyone to hate.


Hate says you must believe what I believe or we never can agree.

Love says we have our differences but come sit and talk with me.


Hate says you live in your land over there…and I’ll live in my land.

Love says we can only accept each other when we walk together…hand in hand,


Hate says you don’t look like me…I will never let you in…

Love says you are so beautiful…I love the color of your skin.


Hate says you must love who and what I love…and hate says this with conviction.

Love says I have no boundaries, no limits, no margins or restrictions.


Hate says war is a part of life…and wars will never cease.

Love shakes her head and smiles saying…only love can lead to peace.


It’s time to stop debating…will love…or will hate lose?


Our future as a people…as a country…depends on what we choose.…

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In The Name Of God

It’s wonderful when we love in the name of a God...

but I’m loathe to contemplate...

What in the name of God are we doing...when in a God’s name...

we hate?


I’m saddened there is hate in the world...

but shouldn’t we have the gall...

To take responsibility for our hate...


and not blame a God at all?

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You Condemned Yourselves...

Everyone who was still alive...
On Earth...that final day...

Turned their eyes up to the sky...
And to their God...did pray.

“Oh God!” they asked, “How could you...
condemn us to such a fate?”

“You condemned yourselves!” their Gods answered...
“When you turned our love...to hate.”



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Will Never Be The Same

She was in a grocery store parking lot...an unassailable place
He didn’t even know her name...he only saw her face.

He stopped his car in front of her...and from the safety of his steel and chrome
He rolled his window down and said, “Take your little Chinklets and go home!”

Before he sped away he yelled, “We are a Trump nation now!”
And she was left, in fear, to wonder...Who...and Why...and How?

I have been grieving lately and to my grief...I now add shame.
He did not know this family...he did not know their names!

Our country made a deal with the devil...in my humble view...
And now, as always happens,  the devil wants his due.

Half the country didn’t want this...half...did not arrange it
But we must come together as a country...and do our best to change it.

We cannot sit idly by and simply acknowledge this as our fate
We must show this woman and her children...we have more love than hate.

If we don’t...If we cannot overcome our grief...our anger and our shame
A simple trip to the grocery store...will never be the same.

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