Love and other stories during the pandemic

Life with its uncertainties moves

Groundhog days

Rise, eat, sit, sleep, repeat

Silver surfers in a WhatsApp world

The data heavy as a sixteen-wheeler offloaded

Sermons of righteousness, prayers of salvation

Dire consequences of not sharing

Poetry, passages, petitions and pleas

Tik tok, viral videos

Upsetting clips

To which some object strongly

Comments pitch old friendships

Angry emojis

When politics enters the fold

The admins pleading for patience

The cyber universe momentums on

Amidst this traffic, pallbearers

Carry sad news

The atmosphere turns melancholy

The heart felt messages, bouquets of roses

Adorn the pages

Nostalgia travels back in time

narrow lanes and bicycle days,

Summer, sun, cricket and lemonade

An armchair travelogue in a virtual world

In the midst of this chaotic universe

Love tip toes in your form

Across time and space

Avatars in a silent embrace

And then you move away

Leave me longing

till another day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life during this pandemic has taught us many lessons, the traffic on social media, the group chats and every concievable message you can imagine from downright idiotic to pearls of wisdom. Here is an effort to put it in verse. Hope you enjoy

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Years from now when they speak of this disease 

people will say how they’re not sure where it began.

They’ll talk of how contagious it was…

and how it swept across the land.


They’ll call it a Pandemic…this particular disease

because it had no limitations…

no restrictions

it knew no boundaries


They’ll say how it didn’t matter 

ones religion, 

sexual preference 


country of origin 

or name

This disease was unrelenting…


it treated everyone the same


They’ll say how we passed it on to to one another 

at a truly frightening rate

They’ll remember how by the time people knew they had it…

it often was too late.


They’ll talk of searching for an answer…

while many people died

of how this disease isolated them from their families…

and how their families cried.


They’ll speak of this invisible enemy…

say how it was impossible to eradicate…

They’ll even give this disease a name…

they will call it hate.


Years from now when they speak of this disease…

or write about it in their literature

They’ll wonder why so many people died…

when they already had the cure.

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