I often wonder why the same nurturing from the Earth

that allows the flower to grow so beautifully from the seed…

that same sunshine

that same rain…

also nurtures all the weeds.


Why is it flowers need so much of our time to grow..

need our constant attention…

constant care

while weeds seem to grow anyplace…


and anywhere?


Why is it our flower garden

if we aren’t diligent in meeting it’s needs

if we’re not as attentive as we should be

can be overrun with weeds?


Why is it when it comes to our flowers

we must constantly weed the row

If we want our flowers to be beautiful

if we want our flowers to grow?


Perhaps the Earth is just reminding us

If a beautiful world we want to create….

If we want the flowers of love to continue to bloom

we must constantly remove the weeds of hate.



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