Years from now when they speak of this disease 

people will say how they’re not sure where it began.

They’ll talk of how contagious it was…

and how it swept across the land.


They’ll call it a Pandemic…this particular disease

because it had no limitations…

no restrictions

it knew no boundaries


They’ll say how it didn’t matter 

ones religion, 

sexual preference 


country of origin 

or name

This disease was unrelenting…


it treated everyone the same


They’ll say how we passed it on to to one another 

at a truly frightening rate

They’ll remember how by the time people knew they had it…

it often was too late.


They’ll talk of searching for an answer…

while many people died

of how this disease isolated them from their families…

and how their families cried.


They’ll speak of this invisible enemy…

say how it was impossible to eradicate…

They’ll even give this disease a name…

they will call it hate.


Years from now when they speak of this disease…

or write about it in their literature

They’ll wonder why so many people died…

when they already had the cure.

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Fear and a virus not as deadly as Influenza - time and mutation will be the cure. global meltdown and usa will be too broke to help rebuild the world.



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Hate is a terrible dis-ease. Spreads like wildfire through the trees. 

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