He understands they’re innocent children…they learn only what we teach them

and when separated by a wall of hate…he wondered how to reach them. 


He knows they know nothing of hatred…of intolerance and bigotry…

but he also knows they are impressionable…they will learn from what they see.


He knows they are looking to the adults at this susceptible time of their youth

to teach them of love and compassion…of integrity and truth…


He wants to show these children and the world that ones so honest, pure and small

are equal and can play together…even separated by a wall.


So he built a multitude of seesaws to show how we’re all sisters and brothers.

To show what happens on one side of the wall…affects what happens on the other.


To show it’s as easy to raise someone up as it is to put them down

As easy to make them smile…as it is to make them frown.


His name is Ronald Rael…it was his idea…his creation

he and other artist friends are behind the installation.


And so the children laugh and play…and as they learn each other’s names

they see, although, separated by a wall of hate…they both love to play the same.


And I wonder what would happen if we followed the lead of ones so small 

and had those who fear and hate…ride a seesaw through the wall.


As they were bouncing up and down…would the learn each other’s names?

Would they finally come to understand how we are all the same?


Would they smile at one another?

Would they realize that fear and hate are wrong?


For isn’t that what many of us…have wanted all along?

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