When her Grandma was alive sometimes they’d sit in her backyard without saying a word.

They’d throw little pieces of bread upon the ground and silently feed the birds.


“Sometimes I get lonely.” Grandma would tell her in a sad and mournful tone.

“But as long as birds are visiting, I never feel alone.”


There were days they lost count of how many birds there were…

It’s just one of the wonderful memories her Grandma bequeathed to her.


She remembered this heading to the car for Grandma’s funeral

“Wait…I’ll only be a minute!” she said

Then she ran back into the house and came out with a loaf of bread.


At the cemetery when the service was completed…she gave Grandma a goodbye wave

then gently sprinkled little pieces of bread quietly upon her grave.


“What are you doing?” her mother whispered as her last little pieces were thrown…


“It’s to remind the birds where grandma is.” she said, “so she’ll never be alone.”

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She was always giving

always accepting, 

always compassionate 

and kind.

She was love 

and sympathy 

and caring 

and charity 



Whenever we would thank her

she would hold us close 

and she would whisper in our ear…

Isn’t that the reason dear…


the reason we’re all here?


The day I was born I noticed it…

how you sheltered me from harm…

Why, I even fell asleep…

in the comfort of your arms…


For when you put your arms around me and hugged me to her chest.

I felt warm…I felt love…I felt safe, 

I felt secure…and blessed.


Blessed to be with someone whom I already know

will make me feel this way…wherever I may go…


Blessed to know wherever I may go in life…your arms will always reach me

Blessed to know you, Grandma,…have so much you will teach me.


You’ll teach me about love and kindness…compassion…and integrity

You’ll teach me about strength and beauty…and generosity…


For you know the secret of Grandmahood 

(and perhaps to life as well)…

A secret all you Grandmas know but often do not tell…


I’m not sure where you learned it

How it became the Grandma’s creeds…

To always give more than you can give…

and take less than you may need.


But means whenever we’re together

love will fill the air

and every time I climb into my your arms…


I’ll find some comfort there.

My grandmoher's cane

Many years ago, before I was born, my grandmother had an accident and broke her hip and the doctors implanted in her a kind of metal hip, but they told her that from there on, she would have to use a cane in order not to force it too much. Since the moment I met her, she had this wood cane my father had bought her when she had the accident. It was very weird to see her without it; she took it wherever she went and used it since the moment she stood up from bed until she went to sleep. But what really caught my attention was that she gave to it so many uses; she used it on her garden to make holes for plants or other stuff, also she used it like a lever to open the door of her house because it always got stuck; she even used it to hit my uncles or my dad when they said bad words, or to hit the dog when he misbehaved. It was a very old cane, and my father used to tell her that she needed a new one, and offered himself to buy it, but, although the cane could break any time, my grandmother didn’t want another one. That made me understand how she appreciated it, although it was a material thing, my grandmother became very attached to it; it had been like a partner to her for so many years, and she never left it. Even when she used a wheelchair, she always used to carry it. I remember once I asked her why she took it anywhere she went if she didn’t need it anymore and she answered joking “because your father and his brothers know that if they misbehave they would receive a hit with it, so I have to carry it anywhere to maintain order”. There was a time that she couldn’t get out of bed because she could no longer walk or stand up, and there it was, next to her bed, there was that cane that she appreciated so much. In my opinion, it is amazing how we can get close to material things, although for other it may be just a thing, just a cane, for us it means more than that because of all the time we have carried or used it, because of how it had fulfilled our needs or comforts.

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