Was it the rain upon my roof that woke me at this early morning hour…


or the gentle voice of a lonely flower singing in the shower.

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The Greatest Showman is one of our favorite shows.

Deborah and I love to sing every song.

Which is the reason we decided to see it

in a theater we could sing-a-long.


I’ve never been known as someone who croons.

Singing is not my forte

In truth I’ve always had trouble carrying a tune.

I usually drop it a few times on the way.


But that doesn’t stop me from singing

In any style from falsetto to baritone…

Although I have reserved most of my singing

for the shower…or when I’m alone.


But singing in a theater while watching a show!

That was one scary thought!

Surrounded by people I don’t even know!

Just thinking about it made me distraught.


Still, we decided if we’re going to do it we’d do it up good.

Deborah bought a tutu and I a top hat.

And we decided to sing as loud as we could.

I mean seriously…what could be wrong about that?


So we sang all those songs from the movie we heard.

We sang with exhilaration and glee…

And it didn’t seem to matter if we sang like a bird

or if we were singing a little off key.


Because when our voices all blended together,

people who could sing…and people like me,

we sounded like birds of a feather

and in that theater..we found harmony…


So next time I’m about to sing me a song

I hope I can find me a way

not to worry if my singing is right or is wrong

and remember the lesson I learned here today:


As I watched 1000 people in a theater singing

on every face I saw a smile or a grin.

Proving the amount of joy you get out of singing


depends solely on how much you put in.

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