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Brand New Poems By Mario William vitale

Mario William Vitale


1 Winfield Drive


Wolcott, Ct. 06716




A young nurse took me in her arms and said that I would one day become a success,
As the years would pass I was heavy in the arts used to sing and act.
Was an altar boy at St. Pius Church.
In time I would act in my senior class play, "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood"
Where I had the lead role as the Narrator,
I touched many hearts with that performance in 1989,
Was hospitalized with mono that same year for two weeks long,
Also that same year I became prom king of my class Wolcott High School,
After the break up with my first girlfriend in 1989 I wrote the poem entitled, "Remembrance of a loved one" where I had it published on poetry.com
Attempted plays: Tartuffe, Miracle Of St. Anthony and Balm in Gieade, (His poetic aspirations had derived at 18 in 1989 from submitting his first poem entitled, "Remembrance Of A Loved One"- (Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum)
Attended Central Connecticut State University For Creative Writing: 1997
Next from 1989-1997 (Wrote primarily for Poetry.com and The International Library Of Poetry) , * Received editors choice award in 1997 for poem, " A Beacon Of Light ",
(1998)Sent poetic manuscript to N.Y. Time Magazine and Chief Editor " John Hyland".
Back with rave reviews!
* (From 1999-2008: Had adapted a real keen sense of style for writing poetry: (1999- Sent Editorial to:
New Man Magazine for the Passion of Christ Movie; Sent followup letter to company with poetry platform information attached,
* 2000-2007: Magazine: (Catholic)Maries Rose Ferron Magazine submitted poem" Beacon Of Light", which had excellent editorial reviews as the outset!
2008- Wrote poem entitled: (The Heavy Cross)to Poetry.com* Achieved Poetry status of work of Excellence in writing from the Academy Of American Poetry in which still having received rank and status as a member of Academy;

(The Connecticut Poetry Society) * Short story submitted entitled, "China Dog Ray" submitted to Virginia Writers Quarterly, West Virginia, Also having member status on their board of Poetry.
Attribute Poetry to an ever increasing love of God and his unconditional love that he has for us in return, Thankfulness toward family and friends.(To our past ancestors who fought to uphold freedom that far too many of us take for granted?
My contemporary artists include that of Ellan Bryant Voight, Kay Ryan and Carl Phillips.Which all three are Participants in the Academy Of American Poetry
Having been a member since 2006, My work reflects the likes of past poets such as C.S.Lewis, Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe.
Most of my work reflects with the values of religious beliefs intact
In my personal view it is essential in demonstrating a real heart of creative passion!
The reader I believe will benefit by my artistic style of development in a very positive light.)
After experiencing a life transformation encounter.I had realized that poetry is my unique way to convey myself my work speaks from the heart with pure sentiments of though intact,

As the years passed I would write over 4,000 poems and 5 short stories toward my platform,
My poetry is based on the free verse style of writing,
Was published in 10 venues such as Writerscafe, Neopoet, Hello poetry, Poem Hunter, Booksie, Poetryvibe, Poetrysoup, Starlifecafe.com, Poets Know It & poetry.com...
I was saved by God at the tender age of nine in Charlotte Carolina where I came to know the Lord that was in 1979,
Today I continue to write poetry was published on Spillwords, High On Poetry, Tuck Magazine & Setu Magazine.
My main emphasis in writing poetry is to share with the mass populace touching many hearts.
Hope you can read my poetry.
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Melted Ice


through the melted ice we shall learn to agree the sought off harmony
an animal on a leash one hero to leak buried beneathe the trees spreading disease
Autumn is upon us just push the reset button climb so care free in my destiny
beyond the hedges from the mark on the closet queen a door bell rings
I'm all alone with a silent foam carried on the sharpist yearning with honor
the all to right to swim as lazy as a swan to help you to get along

love is in the air carried with the cheer through sorrows melted fear drawing near
pass the fast moving fan when to understand a cap with pen in hand,
shoot your own gun able to have a bit of fun through sequence turned around
built up your city instead of getting busy nothing to busy fel the flames uneasy

later on during the day we sought some music by which to pray
nothing like a swell between us having a hamburg between us
each new day we can learn to be set free balanced from the make beleve,
Winter is hear gain oh Lord in a place to unload,

keep your head up









Sweet Blue



Sweet upon sweet
the liquid courage to drink,
faces, hands & feet
a pillow match its fleece;

shaped through your dreams my cheerful one
beneath the one we have come to view
chased back the love we need to grow,
march through the envelop from the way we should go

pierced through the window a cascading vow to take
shall there be a window to halp seal its fate
a lone widow perched on a rocking chair
love's flame for one soon to care...

the pool out next to the lawn
refreshed in any direction we take
help seal its fate,
seal the date...









See Me...



increase the flow
on someone you know
to cross the great divide
on some lonesome child agree
See me through the window cascading near the shore
See me in the pool as a cry for more brilliance on a moonlit day
See me wander through the years as you have a pail of tears share the noise

my muse is a sure fire way with words to say,
in Hollywood folks spring the well built & deserved
cry me a river so far as I could go bust up the beat to promote its tempo
See me in the fire with flames buried to the force from below share the comfort of its flow
See me climb the mountain to watch on the habitat fountain,

See me realize the decisions that we shall know
working through vast miracles with your daze alone in the cold
See me through the window with angelic pulse
bound me in desire the force to take you higher

learn to climb further...





Shallow Peak



draw back from thee a simple melody
to cumulate the rage of the ring
shower me with gifts forget to sniff lay hold of it
freshness in a bottle type sequence,
planted by the river edge
call me late for bed

to climb the rivers edge
planted through a cause for sure
lazy buttons studded flunkies
treasure the hound of excellency
come to take a part of me

we learn to lean on me
through the tender leaves
a good cause to grieve
in the shallow peak





Ancient Of Days



sorry here after the blink of marching cattle stay close of the rattle
nor given sense from coincidence we stand free to honor its flow
there are ancient of days beneath the brave to swallow your pride
everything is quite fine created from a crafty filled design rumors will flood

to delve into the unknown beneath the parking zone
best to be left all alone a burdensome load
gives closer attention as you are found


to sleep to dream through steel unawares


the chosen vessel pressed through the climax of time


a vestibule toward a couple left long ago


barbed wire fences latent refusal of meager defenses


there's glory in the escape




hearken the minutes the hours set in tone


embrace the water gone alone,


in certain begotten place we may steal


take a look at the twilight upon the hill


there tormented cause to regain


an instant tight injury minus the flame




embark on a revolution so very plain


mark the man willing to explore


the plains of the dunes on the Cape rejoice


laughter the panther rest its nearly gruesome head




blood forsaken blood the chamber torn to death


deep onto deep the pages have turned


you are the final nail until my coffin


look long in the garden Johnny Rotten




nature knows what's embraced every single day


crushed cement with a red rose


stand the flight of pain


Tupac's final flame




heavy is the light left to St. Peter gone in flight,


Tupac witness to, "Keep Your Head Up"....


march of the wooden soldiers


rap invades first into the intellectual embraces the day




with words given into a sought after hemp learn to relax


The Smurf's and Strawberry short cake kids


in the company of the cabbage patch kids


boil royal thirst is done,




memories of the coast that screams


fry doe and everyone screams


in the company of a heightened remedy


boxed in the light of eggs and potatoes




Momma dearest momma show forth your flame


into eager desire was Tupac's drill


meet the marching orders from a blast from the past


Shug got his in prison with a good reason




Tupac was my hero so here we go




Tupac Shakur in my opinion was the greatest poet of our time,


nursed from his calling a real rap star...


He left our world far too soon yet he is never forgotten


he lives in the hearts of his adoring fans


Leave Me In Vermont

Leave Me In Vermont

tired and fickle I'm with arm and sickle
lone embrace toward the one with sickle
Easter is one brigade having it made
pardon me as we disagree
shadows in the shining morn
burned out bridges ever more

the hills and valleys ever more
what's true of you maybe not good for me
those rolling hills leaves turned green
very often in my dream

Agatha The Princess

Agatha The Princess




she was on the throne


far away from her home


uniting hearts to ne fond heights


carrying herself with a song




Agatha the princess


will lose their influence


soaring to new frontiers


left her to tears




took walks in her garden


beautiful flower display


let to thoughts to pray


with tears in her eyes




came as a big surprise


delicate hue wth borrowed lies


she walks the flats on the lonely pier


rapers and dishes she would hide


leave behind




the careless whisper


a shoulder to cry


the soft cascading vamp


shine on her eyes




to beg or even borrow


moments of sorrow


to cleave to her young


the living stone




have we just begun




Rainbow Bright

Chilling by the pool

no time to lose my cool

you sport a new curfew

what are we to do

beneath the grand wazoo

silence beckons the call


follow the leader into the mall

watch as grandma takes off her shawl

burning the midnight oil


waiting to long to watch water boil

slippery as a snake so call it fate

the window the shelter left poisoned 

close the door of uncertainty


wander in it's fold

for truth untold

go deeper

to invest a little time


take time to shine

let the world unwhind

through solemn peaks

take another look


love tempered to most

unleashed by the holy ghost

from coast to coast

height to height


it's the rainbow bright

turn out the light

waiting for a fight

to barricade the innocent


the cause for coincidence

have you fed the homeless

the price of radiance


Into The Arms Of Rap

into the arms of rap that's where its at buiding through the confusion in fusion

got flames coming out my baseball cap I'm in need of a nap keep close to the doorway

fresh rhymes I'm still on time you maybe brave see me at the arcade park my Benz in back

folks tend to over react but I tip my hat got news for you all bridge the gap know what's up


Chilling at the grill with my girl sporting heavy studs think that I'm in love you see

there's brilliance in a piece mark the ege of my teeth stand still & repeat

bars watching souped up body kit cars looking to the stars a view from Mars

Pina Colada does anyone grow fond of Starsky & Hutch another push


grasping with tender faith in my hand when will folks understand stick it to the man

years have passed still having every reason to grasp the solitude in that I'm still in a good mood...

Feeling high anxiety got folks sitting next to me living out my legacy of what I used to be

Sipping my favorite sauce to the max you tend to over react got to stay in the zone


Summer time boogy time get your cash and stand in line frozen in time

Through a variation of a dream peeps do scream eating delicious ice cream

Souped up high hat as if in a tempo taking you places that you need to go

playing a little Spanish fly i got words by the fly your my favorite guy


on my human side stand still I'm happily alive got to put first things first

this is how i flirt got words for Lavert put back your gold in a purse

Trump is getting busy but he makes me awful dizzy better listen to Thin Lizzy

they say i'm institutionalized but I got words from the hive it's best to dream big


Summertime's Upon Us

minus the flames we seek the vibrant waves of the solace of sound

shattered through the trees we feel on the debris oh so merrily receive

time evokes change a chance to rearrange through the pages of the scene

gravitate to comtemplate to memory of the fallen with a hint of disorder

fresh from the page you better act your age so be very brave & behave

we shall coast like the holy ghost loving you so very much is best


falling emblems from on high the thought of a surprise through your eyes

Summertime is upon us I'm about to go sonic & that's a promise

reckless words pierce like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing

if two of you agree on earth by anything they ask it will be done by my father in heaven

plead your case to God state your case that you maybe acquitted

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law


Lines Being Drawn in The Sand

we grumble to get discovered


still why do we even bother


the mere sound of silence


amidst the violence




beyond its beckoning plough


to discover each other


running further


far from disorder




stand as a filter


amidst the evil eye


come sit near my pale sister


learn to treasure




to discover each other


is it any wonder


run for shelter


try to stay together


to lead each other home







homeboy got capped in his knee


all those suckers got to flee


working out my legacy


follow your dreams




each captivating scene


learn in advance


give love a chance


time well spent in thought




linger on with a song


think as you continue on


through velvet eyes


it comes as no surprise




beneath the fallen tide