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Mario William Vitale


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A young nurse took me in her arms and said that I would one day become a success,
As the years would pass I was heavy in the arts used to sing and act.
Was an altar boy at St. Pius Church.
In time I would act in my senior class play, "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood"
Where I had the lead role as the Narrator,
I touched many hearts with that performance in 1989,
Was hospitalized with mono that same year for two weeks long,
Also that same year I became prom king of my class Wolcott High School,
After the break up with my first girlfriend in 1989 I wrote the poem entitled, "Remembrance of a loved one" where I had it published on
Attempted plays: Tartuffe, Miracle Of St. Anthony and Balm in Gieade, (His poetic aspirations had derived at 18 in 1989 from submitting his first poem entitled, "Remembrance Of A Loved One"- (Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum)
Attended Central Connecticut State University For Creative Writing: 1997
Next from 1989-1997 (Wrote primarily for and The International Library Of Poetry) , * Received editors choice award in 1997 for poem, " A Beacon Of Light ",
(1998)Sent poetic manuscript to N.Y. Time Magazine and Chief Editor " John Hyland".
Back with rave reviews!
* (From 1999-2008: Had adapted a real keen sense of style for writing poetry: (1999- Sent Editorial to:
New Man Magazine for the Passion of Christ Movie; Sent followup letter to company with poetry platform information attached,
* 2000-2007: Magazine: (Catholic)Maries Rose Ferron Magazine submitted poem" Beacon Of Light", which had excellent editorial reviews as the outset!
2008- Wrote poem entitled: (The Heavy Cross)to* Achieved Poetry status of work of Excellence in writing from the Academy Of American Poetry in which still having received rank and status as a member of Academy;

(The Connecticut Poetry Society) * Short story submitted entitled, "China Dog Ray" submitted to Virginia Writers Quarterly, West Virginia, Also having member status on their board of Poetry.
Attribute Poetry to an ever increasing love of God and his unconditional love that he has for us in return, Thankfulness toward family and friends.(To our past ancestors who fought to uphold freedom that far too many of us take for granted?
My contemporary artists include that of Ellan Bryant Voight, Kay Ryan and Carl Phillips.Which all three are Participants in the Academy Of American Poetry
Having been a member since 2006, My work reflects the likes of past poets such as C.S.Lewis, Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe.
Most of my work reflects with the values of religious beliefs intact
In my personal view it is essential in demonstrating a real heart of creative passion!
The reader I believe will benefit by my artistic style of development in a very positive light.)
After experiencing a life transformation encounter.I had realized that poetry is my unique way to convey myself my work speaks from the heart with pure sentiments of though intact,

As the years passed I would write over 4,000 poems and 5 short stories toward my platform,
My poetry is based on the free verse style of writing,
Was published in 10 venues such as Writerscafe, Neopoet, Hello poetry, Poem Hunter, Booksie, Poetryvibe, Poetrysoup,, Poets Know It &
I was saved by God at the tender age of nine in Charlotte Carolina where I came to know the Lord that was in 1979,
Today I continue to write poetry was published on Spillwords, High On Poetry, Tuck Magazine & Setu Magazine.
My main emphasis in writing poetry is to share with the mass populace touching many hearts.
Hope you can read my poetry.
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Melted Ice


through the melted ice we shall learn to agree the sought off harmony
an animal on a leash one hero to leak buried beneathe the trees spreading disease
Autumn is upon us just push the reset button climb so care free in my destiny
beyond the hedges from the mark on the closet queen a door bell rings
I'm all alone with a silent foam carried on the sharpist yearning with honor
the all to right to swim as lazy as a swan to help you to get along

love is in the air carried with the cheer through sorrows melted fear drawing near
pass the fast moving fan when to understand a cap with pen in hand,
shoot your own gun able to have a bit of fun through sequence turned around
built up your city instead of getting busy nothing to busy fel the flames uneasy

later on during the day we sought some music by which to pray
nothing like a swell between us having a hamburg between us
each new day we can learn to be set free balanced from the make beleve,
Winter is hear gain oh Lord in a place to unload,

keep your head up









Sweet Blue



Sweet upon sweet
the liquid courage to drink,
faces, hands & feet
a pillow match its fleece;

shaped through your dreams my cheerful one
beneath the one we have come to view
chased back the love we need to grow,
march through the envelop from the way we should go

pierced through the window a cascading vow to take
shall there be a window to halp seal its fate
a lone widow perched on a rocking chair
love's flame for one soon to care...

the pool out next to the lawn
refreshed in any direction we take
help seal its fate,
seal the date...









See Me...



increase the flow
on someone you know
to cross the great divide
on some lonesome child agree
See me through the window cascading near the shore
See me in the pool as a cry for more brilliance on a moonlit day
See me wander through the years as you have a pail of tears share the noise

my muse is a sure fire way with words to say,
in Hollywood folks spring the well built & deserved
cry me a river so far as I could go bust up the beat to promote its tempo
See me in the fire with flames buried to the force from below share the comfort of its flow
See me climb the mountain to watch on the habitat fountain,

See me realize the decisions that we shall know
working through vast miracles with your daze alone in the cold
See me through the window with angelic pulse
bound me in desire the force to take you higher

learn to climb further...





Shallow Peak



draw back from thee a simple melody
to cumulate the rage of the ring
shower me with gifts forget to sniff lay hold of it
freshness in a bottle type sequence,
planted by the river edge
call me late for bed

to climb the rivers edge
planted through a cause for sure
lazy buttons studded flunkies
treasure the hound of excellency
come to take a part of me

we learn to lean on me
through the tender leaves
a good cause to grieve
in the shallow peak





Ancient Of Days



sorry here after the blink of marching cattle stay close of the rattle
nor given sense from coincidence we stand free to honor its flow
there are ancient of days beneath the brave to swallow your pride
everything is quite fine created from a crafty filled design rumors will flood

to delve into the unknown beneath the parking zone
best to be left all alone a burdensome load
gives closer attention as you are found