Rainbow Bright

Chilling by the pool

no time to lose my cool

you sport a new curfew

what are we to do

beneath the grand wazoo

silence beckons the call


follow the leader into the mall

watch as grandma takes off her shawl

burning the midnight oil


waiting to long to watch water boil

slippery as a snake so call it fate

the window the shelter left poisoned 

close the door of uncertainty


wander in it's fold

for truth untold

go deeper

to invest a little time


take time to shine

let the world unwhind

through solemn peaks

take another look


love tempered to most

unleashed by the holy ghost

from coast to coast

height to height


it's the rainbow bright

turn out the light

waiting for a fight

to barricade the innocent


the cause for coincidence

have you fed the homeless

the price of radiance