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Straight And Narrow Or Your Soul Gets Cast


get down on it now its time to listen to my rhyme


a word spread it if you already heard about two lovers


as birds drifting way up to the sky I sing a sweet lulabye


the pair went out for burger and fries but after to their surprise


Police came in for the free coffee and one was undercover


saw my 9 in my pocket got so scared i ran and dropped it


the chase was on with my girlfriend in the next seat


running every red light along the street


next we eventually got pulled over and we were both in trouble


the undercover cop was her last lover


was it any wonder are faces blown up like Stevie Wonder


doing time in cell block number 9 guy named Bubba looking at my behind


yet I had a plan of escape some call it fate through a trapped door in the floor




took my time to dig a little more deeper then I made my run for it


no one around they really didn't give a shit but i made my way to the outside


blazing lights but thank God i was still alive


jumped over the barbed wire fence and slashed my wrist but I kept running


luckiliy I knew the streets and had a friend pick me up with a definite plan


headed South down on interstate 91 made my run all the way to Mexico


still I didn't know which way i should go I'm was a fugitive after all


got hired as a field hand but I night I would again toss and turn with a definite plan


got tired of that with low wage pay so I stayed selling dope for some runners


in time I was broke again made my way to a tiny little chapel


Minister was there to tell me his deep secret anout Jesus


took him at his word but I never told him where I came from cause I knew he wouldn't understand


yet at that moment I gave my heart & life to serving Jesus Christ that's when everything turned out all nice


for my life was lead behind the squeeky wheel thinking things were no big deal


until I was face down on my knees now I could spread this lovingly disease so happily


No, I never did get caught but perhaps i will in due time ?


Learned a valuable lesson that I'm now confessing of straight and narrow or your soul gets cast.




Faces Of Death



in peril of darkened petrified corpses exposed with maggot infested feces


demonic putrified exposed personification of distasteless membranes


they once existed as socially wandering wizards in the corporate arena


strange in habitants of the supernatural habitation beings from the damned


carmalized skulls fractured with long noses exposed to the rudimentary light


they long to bask in the vast expanse between that of space & time


flaunt gizzards in their features as if road kill exposed to death's door isolation


they once were moderate members of society living each day on their own


today their corpse is exposed as if Sundays newspaper section for the deceased


lines of forth coming revelations of darkened conclaves now await their solitude


one had a choice in life whether ib be heaven or hell to their own recall


soon they will be taken away to their sealed tombs among many others


no more choices to make their fate has been sealed for all eternity




the modern man may look at life with a difference in opinion as do scientists percieve


warped minds filled with destruction would believe that this life is all there is and then we rot..


yet faith extends a way different then that when it is the substance of things unseen


twisted souls will exist in the vain mockery of eternal torment alone in its isolation


but for the elect sake they will be taken up into heaven this is not some


one stop shopping event at your local seven eleven


the important thing is that we remain strong in faith and our belief to help us get along


Sorrowful escalades of tormented beings will be faces of death


each of us has been given a choice in this life we must face the music of its reality




Blowin Up Like You Thought I Would


why stop now when my hands on the plow


bringing people together so why do I even bother


the streets have good peeps just ask Robin Leeche


remember when you would take family and friends


searching for the latest trends just chilling in my Benz


ya it all looks good in the hood as things make peace


going come straight up from my dancing feet


believe it i'm a leader never a follower


so why I even bother ya


onto the extreme people can be mean


sipping on my coca cola sorry that I know ya


life is best busy when your making other plans


should i stop now it only does depend




Blowin up like you thought i would


I'm on point with this dope joint


smoking fat blunts in high school


chilling with the tunes of Huey Lewis and the news


Drake is the true big mac attack


yet we over react with the new style of Eminem


but that white dude is still my friend


got hustlers want to burn me hoochies want to do me


stand back in my sand box like that bitch Goldilocks


just a straight up shooter have your pets spayed and nuetered


got some dear friends whom I can depend


I'm ya biggest fan just sticking it to the man


so see ya on the flip side squeeze


out spreading the disease




Blowin up like you thought i would


with loose lips sinks ships take some time to move those hips


no one today gives a shit cause they got me in a bind so kiss my fat behind


woman can feel the breeze of a nice Keith Sweat


I bet your sorry that we met


three minutes Dougie Fresh your on


now is the end of this song


still can't we all just get along


flirting with fire blazing in its natural desire


going to take you higher


Trump comb over is president but he doesn't take residency


in my heart cause he's a no it all never will you see him busting loose down at your neighborhood mall


BURNING FIRE (We're All In The Same Gang)










There's a new word on the street that


Back in the day we used to pray


today you insist it ought not be that way


caught up in the mix to dismiss


this earthly bliss


in a time well spent in thought


see I'm a hustler no I'm not a follower


I see gand violence in the street


young brothers looking for some food to eat


got sand bags in the eyes with a soft reply


no such worry of fly by's


for sugar is sweet so sweet like honey


I want to be the man who brings home the money


nothing phony as a wanna be gangster


got my nine in my pocket in a holster to lock it


but Fuck it society has gone crazy just don't ever call me lazy


sides need to come together were all in the same gang


there needs to be a change instead flipping fries


it ought to be Caviar and top of the line whiskey


so it hit me some brothers don't need to be bothered


there's a line being drawn in the sand


when will we ever live to understand


things falling apart at the seams


with such evil means


twisted lies isn't it no surprise


got to stay locked with the hip hop scene


don't give up or quit by any means


burning it up as you flirt with fire


light it up at your purest desire


going to take it much higher


take this logic to the streets


where we can meet & greet


need to come together


forget about the weather


got to stay light as a feather


someday we will all sleep tight in our coffin


then we will stay absolutely nothing


achieve your goals now


don't look back when your hands on the plow.






Couldn't Have Lived it Any Other Way

it was years ago let the truth ago
when I first existed as a seed
then i was formed into a baby yet just maybe
I would see things in a sought after vision
a nurse held me in her arms
saying this child would grow to reach the masses
soon after I would grow to become an altar boy what a joy
then i was sixteen flipping burgers down at Mickey D's
thinking all of life was just a mystery
then I met my first girl putting my life in such a twirl
in time I would shine as the prom king all the girls would scream
then the leader of my play still thrills me until this day
1989 wrote my first poem, "Remembrance of a loved one"
cozy in the ride of a brand new Mustang
then ran into a street thing took my breath away
although those many years would pass
still I had every good reason to grasp
what true love really meant
yet it was only lust in disguise
was listening to the devils ill faded lies
does all of this logic come at any big enough surprise
took up acting in college learning with lots of knowledge
then it leads up to today
written over 2,000 poems & 3 short stories
never was my name up there in lights but one day i just might
be remembered for my poetry that is the only way I could face reality
what was I will to achieve
sweet victory as I take my next breath
feelings that I touched many a heart along my stay
every day willing to bow the head to pray
yet I couldn't have lived it any other way


Don't Sweat The Technique & My Philospohy


Sweat The Technique
There's a battle for your mind but you say it's just fine
pulling a 9 to your head it's the walking dead
Not since the day of creation did we stand with ovation
A seed was drop from a farmers bag that was bad
Satan the god of this world is blinding good people
Peeps stay at home when they can be at the church steeple
Sex on the beach maybe your favorite drink
But I can't dismiss this earthly bliss in thought
Once a soul is sold it can't ever be bought
Drop some smooth lyrics out on the sunset scene
Living in a land that is so very mean
when I roll of you captures you better be ready
Girl you got a bun in the oven by your kissing cousin
Sweat the technique from your head to your feet
Bare with me son cause you can't do me none
Poetics to poetry we must see reality
search the hood just like Robin Hood
then there's the Maiden Mary Ann who has a plan
yet the battle ensues as you sing the blues
a lot of suckers like to forget me but they can't
start this cause I'm the artist
walk with your head up when I hear whacked rhymes it's a set up
All the brothers don't eat chicken & watermelon
so now what are you selling
let's get back to hip hop in what it meant to Scott Larock
keep your head up & look to the sky
Sweat the technique as you sit in your seat
Right from your head right down to your feet
Got to get in the zone busting out rhymes like Home Alone
we came this far not to turn back now
can't turn around when your hands on the plow
yet in the end I choose to be a soldier in the army of God
got to stay in school & obey the golden rule
only one life is soon to be passed only what's done for him will last
we got followers with no good leaders
blood in the streets & there needs to be better education
many take a break on a long awaited vacation
the crowd is ready & me feet is steady
until my last breath I must confess a rhyme that shines
sex, drugs & rap for some is where its at
so you slip & fall giving you a heart attack
rap & roll is noise pollution
take my magic wand as a sure fire solution
 Mario William vitale
My philosophy is that my peeps are glad to see a different side of me
We can humbly agree the streets are not the same when everyones playing the name game
got Eminem still on his way to fame but don’t forget about Nas cause he’s no lost cause
got beats from my hip sipping on the line when everybody around you is quite fine
fashionable jeans with Goochie hand bags forget about North Korea and their sand bags
Trump in is ivory tower but why do we even bother to keep on hearing him holler
there’s reason for my being in the changing of the season with Drake in good taste
this is the melting pot so watch it shine cause Vitale is in the mix so kiss his behind
its your choice to salute the flag or not or have you forgot this spoken melody
those are the things we used to see while were out there getting our college degree
save the drama for your momma and we can’t forget Obama he such a charmer
but you knew it would be like this getting caught up in the mix waiting for your next fix

like a jewel in the Nile we can learn all the great while we got a shoulder to stand
with an infinite plan to spread it out upon the masses no one deserves second classes
our history books have proven that we need to take part in a solution
a nation united in love but some of us want to sweep things under the rug
got high hopes for the undersground sound cause they still got me in the game
not grabbing that text is like driving me insane but who are we to blame
with cats having blue hats they stuggle for assistance in joing in the resistance
we got to learn to fight the power or take a nice cold shower
don’t look down on me cause I’m not dead yet but I’m going to be the man you’ll never forget
make the melody gell with you and me then you will see sweet lasting harmony.


In The Last Days

People will unfold
hearts will become cold
there will be ears dull in hearing
sadness in the stars & moon
many will suffer in silence
amidst the rage in violence
people running to & fro
tempers on fire as everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes
blind leaders of the blind
soon will fall into a great ditch
it is written in the scriptures and humbly explained
that without God in there lives its a game of lying shame
blood thirsty creatures dripping it off side
eyes with spots having holes
no love any more just lust
no in God we trust
just seeketh self to please
out spreading the hateful disease
minds plugged with that of destruction
no one helps you anymore
they can't even help themselves
blackened hearts with a faded stench of death

men having itching ears but not able to understand
there cost of freedom is that of sticking it to the man
when will we ever live to understand
the onslaught of abortion on demand
war zones we call school & the mob rules
violence heated decadence permeates from deep within
Satan laughing spreads his wings
the wicked never sleep cause they are creatures of habit
demonic fangs that bite in the night for fright
the book of Revelation foretells of his coming
when men will be lovers of pleasure rather lovers of God
evil in their eyes does this come at any big surprise
taking heed to wicked lies
angry politicians feeding their pockets
darkened shadows block the vortex of their crazed intellectualized wasted minds
tyrants of zombie creatures in their late night double features
raising hell with not a good story to tell
they are missing the mark as they faint in belief
shadows block the vortex of their fragile egg shelled minds walking blind
living in a world so very mean where people scream
when will it ever end
won't you help me my faithful friend

A Scenic View



Let's just pretend you can take a trusted from on a road trip down by the sea


as a beacon of light to a hurting friend in need


we have created a magic circle drowned in the rain


stop for lobsters maybe some baked crab we shall grab


through the pier we can see the dare in the eye of the flight of the Albatross


yet as the weather gets bad we are left drowned in the rain




got to get back in the car amidst the near window pane


she blazed,


she kindled


out of the night


like a white star


We all boil at different degrees


one can equate in hidden apathy




time passes


The only life I have


submits to its power


some die looking for a hand do hold


On the other side of the resistance is the flow


the sounds of the nearby surf coming into the tide


my soul permeates the inner feeling of solace




the earth has music for those who listen


all the while I was a sinking vessel,


No lifeboat


No S.O.S


Salted wounds


to work until skin becomes bone white


for I have seen the truth and it doesn't make sense


golden nuggets of thought in viral personifications


And in the end,


we were all just




drunk on the idea


that love,


only love,


could heal


our brokenness


my very soul permeates a vision for being


out in the changeing of the season


then for some matter my friend just left me without any reason



































































































































Satish Verma

Attending to my laments, 
reading a poem to myself 
I could not foresee an incoming missile. 

How could you change the world 
when a black and white magpie 
writes the script of life? 

A god once told me 
in whispers, he wants to 
die in the shadeless sun.