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Lone Wolf

Satish Verma

On ladder, you climb 
for espionage, with 
a feeling of an evil. 

Somewhere, somebody 
pulls the strings, 
at arterial roads. 

You put yourself 
in harm’s way for 
exotic blooms. 

A civil disobedience, starts. 
A bone of contention was 
the muscle of love. 

One on one 
tooth for tooth, 
lips for lips.

Velvet Eyes Crying In The Rain

we met at a dance from the back of the auditorium alone you were there
caressed your hand with my glove as a maiden flower that you were
crisp clear day until the rain came then she was beside herself
engulfed from the tender memories of when she was but a little child
honey bees with the melting of the blowing of the breeze hearts next to me
she grew sad now that the rain came down with her velvet eyes crying with tears of remorse
hopless said she in her land of make believe filled up her dreams
life is but a mystery draped across the tapestry of sullen apathy
a challenge to be free was a question of time she yawned in disbelief
now filled with sorrow se could help but feel sorrow then the tears flowed again lest i refrain
simple pleasure with simpler times with a plate of chesse a some store bought wine
billows fell beneath the squeeky wheel exposed to the very mere notion of laughter
tears became a mountain filled with pillows of desolation thoughts of her jewelry box
a wooden drawer with socks amids the moth balls for this humble no it all
she is gone now in passing she sometimes comes to me in a dream with beautiful flowers
sweet perfumed personifications laced with white ivory emblems to taunt
then I awake to nothingness keeps me in great suspense until now that I'm old
let the truth be told of decorations in the parlor with grey cat sitting on a wooven mat
for I remember the place and will remember the time I held her in my arms to embrace

Now shallow peaks align the ridge where I treasured a red rose that was plucked a time ago
nestled bellow near the cobblestone a wooden structure with a broken hand let the reader understand...
thoughts of pop rocks with loli pops filter through my fragile egg shelled mind I'm going blind
ave a sip of coffee and give my foot a push,
Remembering simpler times with crazy door bell chimes with nursey rhymes
it has become customary for me to stare at the barren wall with long ago bullet holes to enhance my imaginative thought pattern
braided hair she used to wear with a touch of blush for make up when she was in a rush
yet now I awake to what ?


Satish Verma

A fuzzy fear descends. 
You become ensconced― 
in the smell of a 

The saltcutter will forego 
the idiosyncrasy 
and start collecting the oil 
from the dome. 

A stain on the shirt 
spreads, covers 
the heart in distress. 
Codas were waiting. 

Do not burn the book. 
Go in a lily pond for a ― 
script. The different shades 
of flesh will be revealed. 

The divine sin will ask 
for a retribution for ― 
the withdrawl syndrome.


The Message (2017)

Fold me into your arms

The closer I get

The safer life becomes

We may be surrounded

By explosions of chaos


The pain, the rain

The hurt, the hurdles

The problems, the proverbs

The fear, the smears

The debts, the depths

The test of love, the trials like doves

What's It Like

The Message (2017)

What its like to win

When you've lost for so long

What's it like to be victorious

When you have been on the receiving end for so long

What's it like to rise to the top

When all you can do is stare at the top

What's it like to achieve

When every time it feela like a curse

To accomplish and conquer

Time is gaining all the life out of me

As we die each day

Some get the chance

They don't know

Don't know the fear of real fear

Nor the pain of real pain

What's it like to be free

When you are enslaved by helplessness

What's it like attaining goals

When you have been beat down

Done and dusted

Nobody wants to lift you

When you look like a 16th century pagan

Torn shrugs and broken shoes


Everything Happens For A Reason

So nobody want to battle me guess we can both agree to disagree see ya on the flip side squeeze gonna knock you to ya knees busy as a bee..


I'm a sharp shooter prefer to get my pets spayed or nuetered nothing further


but what the hold up Jack you tend to over react as I bask in the vast expanse in a maze


be brave with your head held high up in the sky as birds do fly


gotta see beyond your means among the devils twisted schemes things falling apart at the seams


Gently invite me to a party where I'm being served not to mention at your word


Tenderize me, slice me in a George Formen slice and dice machine


Falling back on that ass sitting at the table if my homegirls able


Create in me a clean heart let us never depart from the way things should be


all of life seems to be a complete mystery to what you willing to achieve


let it be fully known nothing is set in stone when you got the hook up


fat hats, gold & jeeps maybe into something deep my peep


got to pause to think intellectual about the residential nothing quite scentual


give me pause to think to wink this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought can't be bought






Climb up the ladder of fame one step at a time where everything is quite fine


arm me with harmony nothing phony going to be the man who brings home the money


lots of dope rhymes within me so I give it to all you without a clue in what next to do


its a vested tragedy amidst each calamity going knock you to your knees start spreading its disease..


Jeffrey Dahmer was the mass killer and how he did it was a chiller


Let all your hopes and dreams come real to thee making sweet history in our society


with what one is willing to achieve as in getting a Law degree it comes natural to me


got tender high hopes for the underground sound cause you peeps want me around


It's as usual when friends start getting physical you all have me as a monkey in the middle


Shaq knows how to dribble and rap he can do which goes to show anything is possible


Society is changing as chance to rearange things while souls are in the game thing






666 is another number I missed as was with Judas being sealed with a kiss


Twisted Sister getting awful bitter about Trump using their song in election


left you second guessing but not ever forgetting a way to glory the changing of a story


Delagate rhymes as you function conjuntion should i even go there I swear


minds plugged with madness amidst the great sadness all to take part in extravagance


you can try to change me or a chance to rearange things but it ends up the same


just a hot potatoe with a window open give hope to coping and I'm not joking


got big dreams for me with faith and the willingness to succeed


everything happens for a reason it maybe the changing of the season


yet watch your clock as you wait for an answer in this life


it seems nobody will help you no one has a voice with a real choice


talking out both sides of their mouth they blame, bitch & pout


but what's this life all about just got to kick it to the curb and invest in the word


with God's presence there's nothing but holier so let him control you


only one life is soon to be passed only what's done out of love will last.














































































































































































The Corner Of The Page

The paper is clean

White as whiteness

No smug

Nor mark to show

Before the night ends

I’ll draw my own circle of

My own life

Enlist in ideas

When written

They cannot be decoded

Maybe after two life times

Seems William Shakespeare

Had a mile

Had a smirk

Decoded in present times

The message remain

Of love and of revenged

Big respect and love

His works made some of us today

And for those to live tomorrow

The same

No with a little focus on myself

I used to live to write

To give a fuck

About what can I do

To satisfy the readers appeal

Now you can only write

And be great if you don’t give a fuck

True in most instances

People will remember your work

When your most gone

Counting the numbers

We move on

Ever ready

Consistent and persistent

In our words

A writers fraternity

Will never die

So long as we speak and live

A life of untold expectations and promises

Hold on

Running out of space

Even used the corner of the page

No time to turn back

Inked with tattoo ink


Never Ceases To Burn

An ordinary day

Can be an extra ordinary day

Keep the light of expectation

Invested in your growing mind

Know that as the days trickle on

You have it in you

To make it possible

To find yourself

Where you wanted

To be

Let the dark be

Cause you cant change it

You can’t stop it

It is something that was

Something that will always be

So you have to find it

Within yourself

To grow a stem of life

Let the bud grow

Even when the rose is no more

There is still some red

The blood flowing through your veins

Build on the place

You left destroyed

For the property of the heart

Was never meant to be left in ruin

Let the light conquer for you

When the sun is about to set

Light a flare that never ceases to burn

Fuelled by your hope

Fuelled by your dream

For today wont be tomorrow

Like vines

There is always a new direction.


Expect A Bitch

Creation is such a dangerous game

Not taking about

Writing a poem

Building software

Tallest building

Or just plain reaching mars

Then out from nowhere

Somebody says

You face is odd

Your smile is a bore

Your laugh is a disaster

Shades of a previous memory

Begin to enter

So did she say what she wanted

Cause karma sure had her on speed dial

Bulling seems to be the name of the game

From a broken and burnt down home

All she knew was to scream fuck

When she failed to cope

To build on the rage

She tormented the innocent

One day someone told her

She should expect a bitch

Cause is a bitch

Karma came home

And guess who’s lights would

Come crashing down and

Burn to the glimpse of a dying star

She messed things up

Tried to take away

The man who gave her mother

such secure love and hope

Two days later

A charge of domestic violence is filed

Acid poured on porous skin

A face she defined  as beauty

The stare of disgust she gave

To those innocent

Born to being themselves

Now, acid to the face

She took things to far

Life caught up

Life broke the limbs of her mind.