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Sonnet to Memories Past

And tempted eyes does tempting beauty draw
Big full eyes of a deep blue, I can see
Young men, left jaws gaping wide open in awe
They are unaware of her love's secret fee

Empty souls of fools unwed don't realize
The true story that she has been hiding
The large mass of well kept doom bringing lies
Trying to stay on the high she's riding

Alas, our love is now a thing of past
I have no regret of leaving you now
I knew from the start we would not have last
But this is your show so take your last bow

Your path shall lead to your unwell demise
For all young men should run if they be wise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to one Hannah Call, my black butterfly and relationship that was doomed

Observation of Your Bitterness

Hours pass as do the faces
Eyes sting like chain ball maces
Time seems to slow, when I'm with you
But it picks up it's pace when I bid adieu
So let it be known by the whole Earth
A broken heart, regret of it's birth
Was made today, from your hate
Just tried to fix it, but it's too late

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the people who have had to watch a past lover from afar