to sleep to dream through steel unawares


the chosen vessel pressed through the climax of time


a vestibule toward a couple left long ago


barbed wire fences latent refusal of meager defenses


there's glory in the escape




hearken the minutes the hours set in tone


embrace the water gone alone,


in certain begotten place we may steal


take a look at the twilight upon the hill


there tormented cause to regain


an instant tight injury minus the flame




embark on a revolution so very plain


mark the man willing to explore


the plains of the dunes on the Cape rejoice


laughter the panther rest its nearly gruesome head




blood forsaken blood the chamber torn to death


deep onto deep the pages have turned


you are the final nail until my coffin


look long in the garden Johnny Rotten




nature knows what's embraced every single day


crushed cement with a red rose


stand the flight of pain


Tupac's final flame




heavy is the light left to St. Peter gone in flight,


Tupac witness to, "Keep Your Head Up"....


march of the wooden soldiers


rap invades first into the intellectual embraces the day




with words given into a sought after hemp learn to relax


The Smurf's and Strawberry short cake kids


in the company of the cabbage patch kids


boil royal thirst is done,




memories of the coast that screams


fry doe and everyone screams


in the company of a heightened remedy


boxed in the light of eggs and potatoes




Momma dearest momma show forth your flame


into eager desire was Tupac's drill


meet the marching orders from a blast from the past


Shug got his in prison with a good reason




Tupac was my hero so here we go




Tupac Shakur in my opinion was the greatest poet of our time,


nursed from his calling a real rap star...


He left our world far too soon yet he is never forgotten


he lives in the hearts of his adoring fans


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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