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The legend of Papi Mario Vitale

he came to us on a woven beaded hamoc as a flower bedded excursion taunt to the sun


there was a man among men who would deliver a specific message to the masses with lashes


planted as a tiny seed in his mother Ann's womb soon she would realize such potential of course,


Nestled in the very fabric of his existence stood out his loving resilence to persevere further


at the moment of his birth a prophetic nurse took him in his arms and starred up to the ceiling


alone she further testified about a life that Papi Mario would lead chosen to succeed




In time he would climb up the altar to be baptized as a Christian believer in Christ


Vitale succumbed to many years of learning from his grand old grandma named Lena


long ago he learned he was a faithful companion he eats with me he walks with me


learn to take nothing too seriously to be detached to the things of this world surreal


his heart was an opened door waiting to be explored further in time he would shine


at the tender age of nine he was led to recieve Jesus as savior which he vowed to oblige


through the tender seeds planted in his head he would tell others of the Lord Jesus Christ




Becoming an altar boy for seven years he fell back with woven tears to calm all fears


at age 16 he wanted to kill himself because of bad acne experience try to hang himself with a noose...


Vitale sprang loose on his caboose but that episode back fired he lived through it you see


Rap music was in his head from the streets of N.Y.C. took a trip there when he was young having a bit of fun,


Over time he would shine telling others of his visions in the sky about the figure of Jesus


some may have dismissed this but he was the real thing a heart filled with gold


there were moments under the sun when he would become a body builder even entering competitions,




A challenge to be free was a question of time Papi Mario was in full bloom acting in high school...


had gone through a jailed experience that he wanted to dismiss this addage of thought


Got help through his anxiety and all bridges were being crossed working on his rhymes


Rap was in his genes throughout the music scene many were led to believe he would achieve


Any man with a dick can make a baby but it takes a real man to raise a child


therefore gain wisdom with all thy getting gain understanding




Today he still takes his message to the streets the thought of love from above


every coward dies a millions death but the righteous dies but one


Papi Mario has addressed his message toward the masses no one gets by on any free passes


we all have choices one's human heart can't beat something it clearly won't learn to persevere


I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain let me explain try to reach out to your higher power,


Use tender words in the moment this is my heart felt message to the mass populace.


Rap is here to stay so never wander nor decay if things don't turn out your way Papi Mario is here to stay,


Love is the mere essence of my existence learn to shun each attempt on a resistance


What you don't know about me

today I sit & daze out my window having no regrets sowed seeds of honesty
in humble brevity the words start to get heavy yeah it ain’t easy feeling needy
inside I fall behind four walls that blind but in time the magic episode truth be told
have an ocean of thoughts hidden inside the time I was 16 wanted to kill myself
took a noose around my neck but in the nick of time said, “What the heck I’m going to regret”?

years had passed went to work as a security officer but had a bad boss kept putting me down
had a nervous break down went to the hospital started hearing voices diagnosed as bipolar
depression was in my head took I.O.P. classes to help tried for social security put got denied three times…
this time is different this time I’m getting good help want to take you with me on this journey
I suffer in silence as a pawn but I have Jesus so sound the alarm he is my savior & friend

Every day tears flow from my eyes does it come at any big enough of a surprise
just when one storm is done another one is brewing but you know what I’m doing
I’m praying for a break through to come any minute hide away from the tender silence
I see things such as the Alan Parsons Eye over my bed with three cats that hang around me
Inside I hide away from the storm brewing outside so I carry on with silence
I need help to cope everyday accept now I have skills such as radical acceptance
to use my wise mind a brilliant way to let loose any tension throughout my day

Let Go & Let God

love the grey in a lazy day bridge the gap in my dreams through twisted schemes


filter through the notion of belonging mark the longing get a following


we are in this til the end my faithful friend with whom I can depend


inside I have rollercoaster emotions with the ups & downs


take a walk on the beach try to catch that frisbee way out of reach


love the longing of belonging there's a yearning hearts are turning


take a shower in the hour of power nestled in a memory come to sit next to me


Each man chooses their own destiny call it magical chemistry from when you were a memory




Rise to the occasion with soaring hearts as in some decorated mast to impart


love is basking in the jewels of renewal carry on with a song in your heart


love is the mere tenderness of the given moment from a sought after vintage smile


comfort me to the conclaves of lasting love soon you will discover a heart to unfold


many are living in mere fantasy basking in the leaves or newly fallen snow


hearts would unfold some time a go the notion of surrender




Come with me to the sea of tranquility lost in a dream feel the breeze


Tea leaves with Leonard Cohen singing basking in the vast expanse between time & space


Surrender to the moment with cadence as its following and deep heart belonging


the tender moments of belonging soaring like an eagles to parts unknown


Caress the bossom of softened decorum as we choose to be healed


the day is fast approaching and the night is far too spent


to quiver in the moment let the temporal vanish capture the longing




I sit alone above to dew left to groom a brand new view in what is left to do


give me a smile your support and your fantasies let them flourish let them unfold


Hear each passing wave rise to the occasion with the real remnants of nature


To equate laughter with forgiveness give pause to think being in the moment


one touch and one will rise with triumph in their eyes




The ability to let go and let God take over feelings to recapture prepared for the great here after...


arm me with harmony filtered through a dream give pause to breathe


Achieve your dreams to light the way of forgiveness the mere wanting to let go


Be compassionate when you learn to focus on your goals in which to unfold


like Stevie Wonder singing at your funeral learn role reversal


Choose to let go & let God each & every passing day



look deep in my eyes you shall see the karma of my lasting legacy willing to achieve
took a zip line down to my baby's grind sought out peace for a sure fire sweet relief
rolling them bones in the back of the joint have a 5th in my hand you all understand
made my first grand at the tender age of thirteen washing dishes busy as a bee
come and sit neck to me a story of a homeboy being capped in the knee
there's a whole host of rubbers when your in trouble make my Martini strong on the double
just like Fred & Barney Rubble need to keep your head up no its not some set up
wear your Sundays best yes life is a big test but now we rest
flirting with fire blowing it up in the most fullest desire coming down to the wire
music is in my blood just like a cow chews on its cud kinda sweep some things under the rug
there's magic in the music scene rolling out the red carpet like a village queen
living in a land so very mean got one foot in heaven the others in hell
but I got a good story to tell two rappers in the night looking so bad for a fight
one hand on the mic the other on the floor sweep blood off the floor sweeping for more
plenty plenty stop shopping at J.C Penney spinning records the best way they can
soaring to new heights that is their right a good cause to focus filled with cement shoes singing the blues
Freddie Mercury died of aids but he isn't a distant memory folks come sit next to me
there's a promise that's made in the dark coming to its fullest light
bitter sweet liqour the bitch was holding my finger don't call me late for dinner
it's a crowning achievement to stay in the zone you maybe home all alone
try to be mindul stay in the moment when you take a shower feel the warmth on your back
here the birds chirping outside the smell of the perfume scent love the decor of the room
treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before you gave your old lady making gravy
not to shady we meet in the middle playing second fiddle as you may dribble
things come and go but this much I know we bust up the beat to promote the tempo


Gucci Man II

word to the wise I came to get down & so you all frown


Gucci Man, Gucci Man, Gucci Man so here I stand with mic in my hand


I came to get down boggy down to the socks this homeboy do think a lot


carry on with a song in my heart to impart the dream bitchs scream


eating delicious ice cream flipping burgers on the grill


cheap thrills it pays the bills in your fancy chills




Theres no stopping while i'm popping just turning up rhymes kiss my behind


silence is golden I'm still unfolding the notion of rapping


when I was young I wasn't ever hurting anyone making love was for fun


Spin doctor proctor as we flow to let you all know pop inflates the common ego


Zip to your zoo I've bitten off more then I could chew now what's new with you




I'm your real Gucci man while I'm working on my tan got flames that bite you all understand


thirst for words crushed in ice will make you think twice to roll the dice


a new escapade we got it made spending my nights in the shade so behave


Dazzling light go in deep for the bite that is my right


Gucci man makes his one last stand I cant complain through the flames


a reason to go deep I summon my peeps outside on the streets




Roxanne you don't have to turn on your red light those days are over you don't have to sell your body in the night...


We are the champions come to discover is it any wonder jst ask Stevie Wonder what a blunder...


Got rhymes that rap got rhymes that roll pump up the beat to increase its tempo


take you to places where you need to go stand strong ya'll get your fix down at the mall


A Salute To Dennis Deyoung



Styx is not the same without Dennis get in the mix


Paradise album in 81 was so very fun


Too much time on his hands


Babe a timeless classic




now at 70 he hasn't lost his longevity


although Styx is quite a mystery


thought it was a river in the gates of Hell


but I got a good story to tell




Tommy Shaw had his fued with Dennis a long time ago


back in the 90's the group stayed together


Renegade he had it made


breaking free from all the cosmic chatter




Although the group Styx operates today on two seperate entities


they both sing like a dream Come Sail Away with me lad


adoring fans came to salute such a man with the plan


Dennis winked at my mother at Mohegan Sun in the Wolf's Den





Awake to face the noon day dawn
like a loving doe or that in a fawn
we all want to belong


I exist as a vapor then I am no more...


And then clouds form
when the invisible vapours
in the air,
condenses into visible droplets...
And thus the cycle continues...
sprinkled with a bit of care
the love to behold a new day's sun

True Art

true art

true art


true art 

true art

make believe


breath in breath out a melody

shape dreams through her hair calamity

a vortex of the eye 

dim switch

dim switch

new age itch


kicking up pricks

care on with a song

carry on in a dream

time zone

time zone

heads alone


Sea of Dots

Understood (2018)

You look downwards

You see all who look upwards

In the sea of dots

Do you see me flicker

As if a light bulb

Drawing near

Drawing close

To the last spark

Can you see me?