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Stop The Hate, Unity & in These Times

Stop The Hate, Unity & In These Times

Bruh, I know your up but it’s getting late
I got to make peace with you
Hommie I have bitten off more then I could chew
I’m sweating from the new day’s sun
now I know your in for a bit of fun
you got your trash barrels over by a raccoon
now go clean up your room
but I need to return to the basics & keep it real
many dismiss this thought as no big deal
we got hustlers on the street selling crack
working so hard today can give you a heart attack
yet my chief aim is to hold my head up high to the sky
got many thoughts & a dozen of pots in my sink
can’t even dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought
the shadows outside block my inner pain
not having love in my heart is driving me insane
who said that life was fair when your driving in the fast lane
not sense Lois Lane & Clark Kent made a dent
Stop all this hate that going around
so we got Trump comb over in his ivory tower
blind eyes of bats and wheels that squeal
got junk in your trunk saying no big deal
I’m going to keep it real start honoring your mother and father
I know what your saying why even bother
It’s good to stay in school & obey the golden rule
many hustlers are in jail cause they all seem to fail
by pool sticking & kicking it where their nose don’t belong
like Rodney King said can’t we all just get along
got reverend Al & Jessie Jackson always looking for some action
return to your first love before its to late call this fate
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
stop this senseless fighting as are nation grows a bit colder
just be happy for who you are in the inside
instead we choose to hide behind a plate of glass
smoking your grass no one in this life gets by on a free pass
systems blasting & the radio’s on
it’s never too late to hear the end of this song
got beggars crying & I’m not lying
get fish to eat but I’m not frying
Stop listening to hells lies cause you know Satan is lying

Come take out your bible
Let us start a revival
Unification is the plan
Grab your bothers hand
We shall all live to understand
The drunkard in the gutter is still are brother
This nation is drifting further apart
Blown away by Satan’s fiery darts
Look to uphold one another and pray
Others may claim it ought not be that way
We all need unity you see
Let us break through all the hate & negativity
The black, brown, yellow & red
What is going on inside our heads
Stand tall with the gay, trans & straight
Stop all this violence with deep hate
While Trump is in his ivory tower
We all need to relax & take a hot shower
This is the time the moment the hour of power
Flirting faces in certain traces
Got folks out running the bases
Stand up for who you are on the inside
Many just want to play games & run away to hide
but these are desolate times yet we settle
for ill but faded rhymes
Both Jessie Jackson & Reverand Al wants you to join hands to be a pal
Please stop the racisim my man
Seek for unification as a plan
Not a break on a long vacation
Plant seeds of kindness
Close up wounds that bind us
Learn to take baby steps in the sand
Like Obama once said, “Yes We Can”.
Stop sticking it to the man
May have to reach through party lines
Lift your head up high with a face that shines
Pray with all of your might
Stop living each day by sight
With time your faith will grow
May have to knock the wind out of your sail to inflate your ego
Love will keep us together and the way we should go
Let’s look above for the heavenly love
Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
Stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows colder
In time we shall shine
Don’t turn around when your hands on the plough
Unity is where we should all be
Living in America the home of both the brave & free

In These Times

Can't we read between the lines
another pardon but people starving
North Korea's little man
we are going to build a wall from a know it all
in these times I stake my claim
not for power nor for fame
it's a shame we came this far to discover
from a president with a comb over
where is the love & stop all the hate
call it fate a new position for your intuition
these are your marching orders to proceed with love
coming down out of a hand with love
many suffer in silence invading all the violence
in these times we must stand in line
not to pretend that everythings fine
we have become socially wandering wizards
trying to drain the swamp & then what
the whole political scheme make me want to throw up
got babies having babies with abortion on demand
when will we ever live to understand
don't turn your backs when saluting are country's flag
there are lines being drawn out in the sand
hopefully someday all will understand
In these times we have created a rhyme
got you broke down to your last thin dime
yet keep your chin up you can surely shine
all things beautiful in its time

One Last Time

Your eyes;

looking into your eyes


One last time;

before I die


Your eyes;

never again will I see you





Another Young G Murder

as I take it a bit further I'm talking about another Young G murder


the streets are uneasy the zone is too low bust up the beat to promote the tempo


he grew up in the gutter his momma was a whore selling her junk from a trunk behind the liquor store...


Young G wandered the streets alone trying to find his home to roam


no one would help him they couldn't even help themselves


but Young G was out on a mission to soar to the highest heights


one night at 8th street station Young G was chillin but got in a confrontation


a thief wanted his gold necklace but Young G wouldn't part with it.


a gun was drawn and it wouldn't be long Young G was on the floor with a bullet hole in his head...




the killer made his way to Mexico a place he thought he should go


now it was over for Young G would suffer many polce arrived trying to revive Young G


but it was too late he was history at his funeral many came to hear his legacy


he was a street thug capper wanna be rapper but he helped out the needy


on his mission he would be dishing out many of his C.D.'s you can listen at ease


Young G will be remembered as a heroic citizen trying so hard to fit in


See ya up in heaven Youg G making sweet history.


The Streets

bust a nut in a rut I'm here to pump ask Don Ho talking about Jay Z


being bruised by the enemy try to stay ahead of me bump it up


this talent is a gift but I have to balance with the fire take you higher


people are bleeding cause living life without Jesus no this isn't recess


Lil Pump going to the top just like Fetty Wap watch also that guy D-Cyphr


take words higher blowing it up in purest of desire down to the wire


building bridges cause that's are destiny come and sit next to me




the streets are uneasy the rap is just fine come and kiss my phat behind


yesterday was a beautiful flower display we used to pray today you say it ought not be that way...

I don't know what you're really thinking off me.


If this is real thinking I'm not thinking properly


Everything inside me fights and tries to stop these warnings in mind


was fine and now they got me locked up in my divided mind of conflict.


In my declining life I'm rock bottom and forgetting my problems


They want me better, I hear it commonly suggested though I'm exhausted of my efforts I've waisted on attempts


Spent far too much energy on it and never getting ahead, watching thunder.


Reluctantly under thumbs of this system where parliamentary wickedness judges every movement


Abusing their power, final hour they're losing vital signs, leave them clueless so there's room for improvement


Crazy devil dance out weighs your heavy stance, the landscape shakes when my mental state slams


Nastiest override of your entire mind. I'm the supplier of rhymes the sets ya head on fire and ignites you on the inside


Time to end denial and since I was a child I swore never to break a vow and saw mama pass down thoughts like the day after my father died she cry laughter



Old Crow

Old Crow




Old crow


Tired and lazy' against the day


Dark skies


Lost in blacks and whites and grays


Howling north wind


Sure takes a man's fight away






A dreamer's home on his best day


Hard rain


Drops the leaves and makes the colors fade


And talks cheap,


But for the words of time they'll ave the last say


Oh the words of time, they'll have the last say




And the harvest is in, it wasn't much


May I have enough to get by


The baskets were light, not a muscle ached


And somehow I feel I'm going to die


The winter is coming and the signs say hard


I've never seen such a haunting sky




For on the mountains, frost in the wind


And somehow I feel I'm going to die


Full moon


Lonely above the old oak tree line


Old crow


Hanging empty in the black sky


And a nighthawk


Circles her in silence as she flies


Old crow, all alone she flies


The legend of Papi Mario Vitale

he came to us on a woven beaded hamoc as a flower bedded excursion taunt to the sun


there was a man among men who would deliver a specific message to the masses with lashes


planted as a tiny seed in his mother Ann's womb soon she would realize such potential of course,


Nestled in the very fabric of his existence stood out his loving resilence to persevere further


at the moment of his birth a prophetic nurse took him in his arms and starred up to the ceiling


alone she further testified about a life that Papi Mario would lead chosen to succeed




In time he would climb up the altar to be baptized as a Christian believer in Christ


Vitale succumbed to many years of learning from his grand old grandma named Lena


long ago he learned he was a faithful companion he eats with me he walks with me


learn to take nothing too seriously to be detached to the things of this world surreal


his heart was an opened door waiting to be explored further in time he would shine


at the tender age of nine he was led to recieve Jesus as savior which he vowed to oblige


through the tender seeds planted in his head he would tell others of the Lord Jesus Christ




Becoming an altar boy for seven years he fell back with woven tears to calm all fears


at age 16 he wanted to kill himself because of bad acne experience try to hang himself with a noose...


Vitale sprang loose on his caboose but that episode back fired he lived through it you see


Rap music was in his head from the streets of N.Y.C. took a trip there when he was young having a bit of fun,


Over time he would shine telling others of his visions in the sky about the figure of Jesus


some may have dismissed this but he was the real thing a heart filled with gold


there were moments under the sun when he would become a body builder even entering competitions,




A challenge to be free was a question of time Papi Mario was in full bloom acting in high school...


had gone through a jailed experience that he wanted to dismiss this addage of thought


Got help through his anxiety and all bridges were being crossed working on his rhymes


Rap was in his genes throughout the music scene many were led to believe he would achieve


Any man with a dick can make a baby but it takes a real man to raise a child


therefore gain wisdom with all thy getting gain understanding




Today he still takes his message to the streets the thought of love from above


every coward dies a millions death but the righteous dies but one


Papi Mario has addressed his message toward the masses no one gets by on any free passes


we all have choices one's human heart can't beat something it clearly won't learn to persevere


I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain let me explain try to reach out to your higher power,


Use tender words in the moment this is my heart felt message to the mass populace.


Rap is here to stay so never wander nor decay if things don't turn out your way Papi Mario is here to stay,


Love is the mere essence of my existence learn to shun each attempt on a resistance


What you don't know about me

today I sit & daze out my window having no regrets sowed seeds of honesty
in humble brevity the words start to get heavy yeah it ain’t easy feeling needy
inside I fall behind four walls that blind but in time the magic episode truth be told
have an ocean of thoughts hidden inside the time I was 16 wanted to kill myself
took a noose around my neck but in the nick of time said, “What the heck I’m going to regret”?

years had passed went to work as a security officer but had a bad boss kept putting me down
had a nervous break down went to the hospital started hearing voices diagnosed as bipolar
depression was in my head took I.O.P. classes to help tried for social security put got denied three times…
this time is different this time I’m getting good help want to take you with me on this journey
I suffer in silence as a pawn but I have Jesus so sound the alarm he is my savior & friend

Every day tears flow from my eyes does it come at any big enough of a surprise
just when one storm is done another one is brewing but you know what I’m doing
I’m praying for a break through to come any minute hide away from the tender silence
I see things such as the Alan Parsons Eye over my bed with three cats that hang around me
Inside I hide away from the storm brewing outside so I carry on with silence
I need help to cope everyday accept now I have skills such as radical acceptance
to use my wise mind a brilliant way to let loose any tension throughout my day

Let Go & Let God

love the grey in a lazy day bridge the gap in my dreams through twisted schemes


filter through the notion of belonging mark the longing get a following


we are in this til the end my faithful friend with whom I can depend


inside I have rollercoaster emotions with the ups & downs


take a walk on the beach try to catch that frisbee way out of reach


love the longing of belonging there's a yearning hearts are turning


take a shower in the hour of power nestled in a memory come to sit next to me


Each man chooses their own destiny call it magical chemistry from when you were a memory




Rise to the occasion with soaring hearts as in some decorated mast to impart


love is basking in the jewels of renewal carry on with a song in your heart


love is the mere tenderness of the given moment from a sought after vintage smile


comfort me to the conclaves of lasting love soon you will discover a heart to unfold


many are living in mere fantasy basking in the leaves or newly fallen snow


hearts would unfold some time a go the notion of surrender




Come with me to the sea of tranquility lost in a dream feel the breeze


Tea leaves with Leonard Cohen singing basking in the vast expanse between time & space


Surrender to the moment with cadence as its following and deep heart belonging


the tender moments of belonging soaring like an eagles to parts unknown


Caress the bossom of softened decorum as we choose to be healed


the day is fast approaching and the night is far too spent


to quiver in the moment let the temporal vanish capture the longing




I sit alone above to dew left to groom a brand new view in what is left to do


give me a smile your support and your fantasies let them flourish let them unfold


Hear each passing wave rise to the occasion with the real remnants of nature


To equate laughter with forgiveness give pause to think being in the moment


one touch and one will rise with triumph in their eyes




The ability to let go and let God take over feelings to recapture prepared for the great here after...


arm me with harmony filtered through a dream give pause to breathe


Achieve your dreams to light the way of forgiveness the mere wanting to let go


Be compassionate when you learn to focus on your goals in which to unfold


like Stevie Wonder singing at your funeral learn role reversal


Choose to let go & let God each & every passing day



look deep in my eyes you shall see the karma of my lasting legacy willing to achieve
took a zip line down to my baby's grind sought out peace for a sure fire sweet relief
rolling them bones in the back of the joint have a 5th in my hand you all understand
made my first grand at the tender age of thirteen washing dishes busy as a bee
come and sit neck to me a story of a homeboy being capped in the knee
there's a whole host of rubbers when your in trouble make my Martini strong on the double
just like Fred & Barney Rubble need to keep your head up no its not some set up
wear your Sundays best yes life is a big test but now we rest
flirting with fire blowing it up in the most fullest desire coming down to the wire
music is in my blood just like a cow chews on its cud kinda sweep some things under the rug
there's magic in the music scene rolling out the red carpet like a village queen
living in a land so very mean got one foot in heaven the others in hell
but I got a good story to tell two rappers in the night looking so bad for a fight
one hand on the mic the other on the floor sweep blood off the floor sweeping for more
plenty plenty stop shopping at J.C Penney spinning records the best way they can
soaring to new heights that is their right a good cause to focus filled with cement shoes singing the blues
Freddie Mercury died of aids but he isn't a distant memory folks come sit next to me
there's a promise that's made in the dark coming to its fullest light
bitter sweet liqour the bitch was holding my finger don't call me late for dinner
it's a crowning achievement to stay in the zone you maybe home all alone
try to be mindul stay in the moment when you take a shower feel the warmth on your back
here the birds chirping outside the smell of the perfume scent love the decor of the room
treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before you gave your old lady making gravy
not to shady we meet in the middle playing second fiddle as you may dribble
things come and go but this much I know we bust up the beat to promote the tempo