Box Full of Memories.

2009 Poems

There she sits with boxes full of old memories

And she goes through them one by one,

Remembering days gone by

We watch her as she reads all the letters

From family, friends and her soulmate

We watch as she smiles and laughs,

Even as she cries

She tells us stories about when she was a kid

and how her parents brought her up,

She explained all that she went through

Throughout her years

And the stories I remember most,

Are about her and my grandpa

Even though he passed on when I was so young,

Her stories make me wish that I would have known him longer

One day,

I’ll sit with boxes full of my old memories,

And go through them one by one

Remembering days gone by

and I will share those stories with my great grand-children,

and one day, they will do just the same

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