Baseball Everywhere

Elvin and Leroy were baseball players
From the time they were six years old
And best friends since the early days
A million baseball stories to be told

Their entire lives had been consumed
By the game of baseball which they
Played together all through school
Then pro-Negro league as Blue Jays

Even in retirement baseball was key
Games at the ball park and on the t.v.
Indeed – it was a sad day when Elvin
Passed away from a cardio infraction

Poor Leroy was hurt and felt so alone
He had always had Elvin by his side
And now without – was totally thrown
Unable to handle that Elvin had died

Leroy missed Elvin so much that he
Kept talking to him – always his plea
“Please let me know how you’re doing
So I can quit all my silly brooding”

But nothing – no answer from Elvin
Until late one night – in the kitchen
Leroy was talking - asking his friend
For a message – some sign to be sent

Leroy was sitting at the table and
Heard Elvin so asked – “that you man”
Without hesitation the voice of Elvin
Clear as day – “It’s me – good friend”

Leroy was both shocked and ecstatic
He started talking and then did ask
About baseball in heaven – and Elvin
Said – “Leroy – it really is heaven”

“They got baseball everywhere and
You should see the fields and parks
Just like we used to dream and plan
And got beautiful lights after dark”

“That is wonderful news” – said Leroy
“Wonderful – is there any bad news”
Elvin began tentatively – “well old boy
There is some bad news I brought you”

“What bad news - Elvin ” – Leroy asked
“Tell me – whatever - be what it might “
So Leroy started slow then said it fast
“Elvin - you’re pitchin’ tomorrow night”

What's better?

What’s better,

When you are given an inch, and you take a mile

Or given an inch and you don’t quite make it?

What do you do when they keep watching you constantly.

And your every action has you chomping at the bit

I don’t think you quite understand what’s at stake here

What if everything we do goes to waste?

We try so hard, and fight so long to be free

But even if we get it, it’s only a taste.

But that one second of freedom pushes us forward

Striving to to have a full plate

But you are to blind to see that this is what they want

And you go in to take the bait

It’s okay, It’s every humans mistake

And if you pay attention you will see

if you try hard enough, And you keep pushing


You can be everything you want to be.

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It is from the corner
of your eyes
that you smile
it is from the corner
of your eyes
that you weep
it is from the corner
of your eyes
that you see
the flicker of a shadow
that was once
your dream

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I Will Wait For You

Poems 2007-2008


Standing here as this earth riots,
As the stars fall from the heavens,
I will wait for you, my love.

Even if you never know my feelings,
Even if you love another,
I will wait for you, my dear.

And if the world, itself, forsakes you,
I will stand by you, till the very end.
My special one...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when I was looking for that special someone in my life. Now I have him and he is my dearest love.

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