Here, Now

In another world

We were lovers

We held each others hands

Our hearts belonged to the other

     Our lips would become parched

     From so many kisses

     Our eyes would become crossed

     From the other’s stare

     There were no nightmares

     When we slept

     There were no tears

     When we wept

In another world

Love never ends

But here, now, we are only friends

In another time

“We” was forbidden

A slave that tilled the land

A princess of the kingdom

     My lips were parched from thirst

     You bathed in roses, apart from stone

     Our eyes would never meet

     And my heart would never be known

     There were no nights

     When we were one

     But there were cries

     Though nothing was done

In another time

Our love was forbidden

Here, now, at least we are friends

In another dream

Belonging to someone else

We hold their hearts tight

Embraced as we melt

     You’re lips have someone else they kiss

     They bring him joy

     Her eyes get lost in mine

     They bring me joy

     There are no fears

     While we sleep

     There are no tears

     Why to weep

In another time

Love moves and bends

But here, now, we are friends

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