its not always a walkin in the park..sometimes its more..

it was a warm that day
the sun was out and we were having fun
but latley there was something alittle off with me
to bad no one seen it
i open the bottle and took the crown
i was to meet you in 5mins
but a block up the street my mind went
it all hit me
the walk in the park was hard to do
i couldnt keep my feet on the ground
i man with a badge walked up to me
and threw the cuffs on
till that moment my record was clean
now i got public drunkness
and as it may not be bad to some
but it was the wake up call i needed
now i will put that bottle down alittle more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

more or less this is me ranting..

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This has the seeds of your

This has the seeds of your best poem yet. I dont know if this comes naturally to you, but the syntactical style of this poem has much potential and synchronizes very well with content. Good Job.

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thanks.. i tryed to lay down

thanks.. i tryed to lay down whats been on my mind all day however it turn to crap fast.. but i decided to not delelte it and clam i was ventng..