Demons Freed

The heat beats upon my body and skin
as I let loose the demons held winthin
The dance about as I sit and ponder
The laugh and mock as I let my mind wander
It spins free to all the possibilities
The truths and lies of sanity's
I free myself from mental torture
I let go of what I've been made to endure
They run around me but I see them not
All I see is my life stiring in a pot
I see my past and furture, all as one
I see what will come and what is done
I feel my anguish wash away again
Wishing with it so would go all sin
The warmth burns and reddens me
but that feeling is like ecstacy
I lie and allow my body to go dead
I lose all feeling even dread
I relax into and out of myself all at once
Allowing in my mind a unique balance
I finally feel again at peace
All of the evil thoughts cease
They run out of my head to the room
Doing things I dare not assume
Then I feel my peace as it slowly begins to fade
as I must leave this place where I was unafraid
I turn the nobs to stop my joy
I rise and let myself destroy
all that finally had felt right
Now I begin to feel my sight
I am back to this hardened world
My demons rush in and make be feel hurled
The sorrow sinks deeper and deeper
Never allowing my thoughts to alter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually thought this up in the shower cuz it is my place to relax and think