your belly


where do you find pleasure

are you a board game person

or a deck of cards that must

be cut twice

once naked, do you remain

hot in the pursuit

riding adventure like

floating quill or

a bouncing bowling ball

where do you find

the joy of heavy breathing

the giggle of forgiveness

the oooh and aaah of working the edge

can you conquer the fear of

way upon one

gone to the doggie too far

once upon a sultry time

if i rubbed your belly

would we be on a slow meander

to where you find pleasure

and let go to wonder

hot in pursuit

slow in endeavor

and joy

around every curve

of your horizon

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July Chinese Restaurant Poem

Taking off the covers

steaming nourishing

always spicy clotheless

and screaming hot.

These booths cannot contain

the Kung-Pao, the

resolute diving into water,

you fever my brow.

Cannot stand the agony,

so sit and wait for

your second course,

soothing and liquid,


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Alphabetically Sexing You

A s I lay you down upon my bed

B reathing calmly and stroking your head

C aressing you with oil from head to feet

D elightfully whispering in your ear something sweet

E ver so gently I remove your clothes

F ornicating behavior on a bed of roses

G oing down further I kiss every part of your body

H elplessly you moan, I should take this as a hobby

I ntensely going south, you hold a grip of my hair

J oyously your legs become caressed with every care

K issing the feline before starting to feast

L eveling the passion past high, ravaging my beast

M agically I lick you like you've never been licked before

N odding my head up and down in a world wide tour

O rally yours till your cup runneth over

P arting ass cheeks with the quickness, but entering slower

Q useting on penetrating deep inside of you

R evealing intimate fantasies the way we do

S urrendering yourself to me, your frame mounted on mine

T empting your endurance, no time for time

U nderneath the covers we lay exhausted

V ast emotions racing through our minds and glossin

W aking up the next day, tired from last night's pleasure

X-rated moments persuading us to naughty behavior

Y ou can count on me for amazing sex and foreplay

Z ealously our passion for each other never dies away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The ABC's of sex. You likes?

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Off Limits, No More Visits


your tongue, i'm on the tip of it

no one knows how bad you want to take me in

but i feel it

your love, i'm only sipping it

this chalice must be passed right on to another

but i bare it

can you bare it?

can i bare it?

if you bare it all..

can you bare not to..?

your body, is closing in on me

no one knows the hunt is on in ou'r dreams

but i feel it

i trace your body with my sights

cause your soul has lead me to want to take a shot

but i bare it

can you bare it?

can i bare it?

if you bare it all..

can you bare not to..?

its lead me to this point

a typing board to write

a late night thinking over tea

like most wish not to, over gin

your body, is sliding over me

no one knows how bad you are in ou'r dreams

but i feel it

and love, you're only stripping down

to get dressed just as fast and head back home

but i count on it

can you bare it?

can i bare it?

if you bare it all..

can you bare going..?

where is this over..?

i lay dead, from a pretty arrow

well i know its not for me to have it

and i feel it..

i've been tempted..

and i've tried-never pretended..

a hope to bare it

where is this going..?

in anothers' shoes,..

i know i'll have to say no more to you

off limits, no more visits

off limits, no more visits

off limits..

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Externally Yours

Twisted Branches

externally yours

internally bored

theres nothing to do

no where to be, but with you

you're steaming

and my skin is peeling

but i've got no soul

lay me bare

you laid still

fruit in a basket

and i was standing there

so i bit down

externally yours

internally bored

theres nothing to do

no where to be, but with you

you were steamy

you were a shower scene

we tried everything

laid it bare

we lay still

fruit on a lawn

absorbing into the ground

dying down

externally yours

internally bored

theres nothing to do

no where to be, but with you

and i know its wrong, sure

and i know i was sweet toothed

and i know i'm an abscess

but i don't try to think about it

so don't cry infront of me

you should have known this was usury

maybe someday again you can borrow me

but till then, don't bother me

i'm half the man i could be

so how could you make me whole

i'm half the man i could be

so how could you make me whole

i'm half the man i could be

so how could you make me whole

i'm half the man i could be

i could be...whole...,

                      Externally yours..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on a collage of events i've witnessed/had shared with me over the years.

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العودة الى المنزل

رواية قصيرة : العودة الى المنزل




رواية قصيرة

جمال السائح

( 1 )

في ذات يوم .. كان قد عاد ليلا الى المنزل ، وكان يحمل معه علبة مغلفة بورق لا يناسب الا ورق يحيط بعلب الهدايا . . لم يجد احدا هناك ، ليس لها ان تغيب عن البيت من دون اعلامه . . كيف يمكن ان يحدث مثل هذا ! امر لا يمكن تصوره ، ترى هل حدث شيء ما ولم يعلم عنه حالا ، ام انها غادرت المنزل لعلة او اخرى ، يا ترى هل قررت هجره وتركه . واذا قررت مثلا ذلك فهل ستبقى بعيدة عنه لمدة طويلة ام لا . . ربما كانت تريد استفزازه ! ولكن ليس لها سابقة في مثل هذا الباب ابدا . .

لكنه حينما استيقظ في صباح اليوم التالي وبعد سؤاله عنها تليفونيا الكثير من اقاربه واصدقائه وجدها في سريرهما ، ترقد الى جانبه ، وكانت تمارس الحب ايضا معه .. ولقد نسي هو الاخر غيابها في ليلة امس !

( 2 )

في الليلة التي اعقبت تلك الليلة ، كان كل شيء على ما يرام ، في الصباح ودعها وغادر البيت وكل شيء في احسن حال ، هي وكل شيء يحيط بها ، لكنه حينما عاد اليها في المساء ، فوجئ بغيابها وللمرة الاخرى ! ولكن .. ! هل ألم بها مرض ؟ ام حالة ما اضطرتها الى الذهاب الى الطبيب ولم تستطع اعلامه وكيف يحدث مثل هذا ورقم هاتفه الجوال هي تحفظه عن ظهر غيب. . كان بمستطاعها اخباره واعلامه لكن شيئا من ذلك لم يحدث . هل نقلها احد الجيران الى الطبيب او . .

لكنه سأل المحيطين بمنزله فلم يعلموا عنها اي وضع غير طبيعي وهي الى الظهر كانت في المنزل وبعد الظهيرة كانت ايضا في المنزل وعند الغروب كانت في المنزل كذلك. لم يرها احد تغادره ، ولم يبصرها احد تفارقه! ولم يرصدها احد فيراها تخرج منه . .

لكنه في صباح اليوم الذي تلاه وجد نفسه مغرقا في ممارسة افعال الحب المختلفة مع جسدها الجميل !

( 3 )

وفي ليلة اخرى

افتقدها لمرة ثالثة

ثم ..

ثم احس بوجود احد ما في البيت

واذن فهي ما تزال في داخله ، ولكن اين هي ؟ لقد فتش البيت كله فلم يجدها . انه امر مزعج للغاية ان يفقد المرء من يحب ويصير لا يعلم عنه اي شيء ولا حتى اي خبر!

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Clemen Jaimes

With your looks,

you were cute & handsome,

with your wisdom,

I admired your voice & words,

with your fingers touching,

each hand massaging me,

gave me a sensation,

throughout my body;

stroking me, caressing me,

& pleasuring me.

I gave you my body,

my soft skin to touch,

for you to place your lips,

& caress my body tight,

against yours.

Your lips & tongue,

overwhelming me in pleasure,

while on my breasts,

sucking & licking my nipples,

ever so roughly,

as my breath released itself,

with a soft moan for more.

Placing my hands,

on your head,

stroking your hair,

with such hotness,

your fingers touching,

my wet pussy,

fingering me, toying with me,

felt ever so good,

to put us in the mood.

Your hard penis,

I gripped with my hands,

so firm & tough,

where my lips & tongue,

went down to kiss,

lick, & suck,

ever so nicely.

You facial expression,

moaning & groaning,

in pleasure as I,

go down to play,

with your penis,

I only hoped,

that you would feel,

the way I feel for you.

At this heated stage,

you & I are so intensely,

wanting sexual pleasure,

& on top I go,

riding you, arousing you,

until you cum in excitement,

relief is enjoyment,

& with one final kiss,

we go our ways.

These are the things,

which happened between us,

uncertain for feelings;

as a couple;

towards one another.

emotions, feelings,

& heartache await now.

I wish you’d tell me,

how you felt about me,

if you loved me, liked me,

or had a crush on me.

Was our intensifying,

sexual experience,

towards one another,

meant nothing to you?

Did you care about my feelings?

Did you care how my reaction would be?

Did you care if I cried?

Were you just using me for pleasure?

Would you leave me unanswered?

Would you ever love me more than a friend?

Was I nothing?

These were the questions,

which ran down my head,

I wish you would have,

told the truth in my face,

instead I had to search,

digging for an answer,

that awaited my tears,

sadness, loneliness,

& vulnerability.

I wish you knew,

what feelings I have for you,

how I’ve always felt for you,

and wanted to be with you.

It never should have happened!

A stupid illusion!

I no longer matter,

I’m sorry to have gotten,

attached to you.

goodbye to these feelings,

I had for you,

you never will be with me,

as a couple, or care for me.

I’m sorry,

this is how,

it should be.

Sayonara Clemen!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Clemen'. Someone I love so dear....I had to let go....

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Stuck together

My wiener is long and it's thick.

Many men envy the size of my dick.

My girlfriend and I went to a motel to fuck.

When we got through, I learned that I'm stuck.

My wiener is stuck in her vagina and I can't get it out.

It makes me so mad that I'm starting to shout.

We're still stuck together and we're like this wherever we go.

I ask people to stop laughing but they always say no.

When my boss saw that my wiener is stuck in her vagina, he decided to fire me.

I keep looking for work but because of this incident, nobody will hire me.

I want to get unstuck before it gets worse.

Many people think that my dick is a blessing but it's really a curse.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem

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game day.


a brief moment in your arms

then a quick slide -"corey!"- and we're back in the game.

i am shattered into a million beating hearts

spread like glitter all over my body

and oh, i love these games we play

and it's always obvious who's going to win

but i play them anyways, because some day

it will be you begging me to conquer

instead of the other way around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

<3 i fell in love again.

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