The wisdom of your soul led me to your shore...

uneven breaths, half sleep in the jungle of bedding.

My fingertips, my tongue exploring, exploring,

uninterrupted touching, lobe of ear, neck, collarbone,

nipple, navel, navel,

Rubber tree, becomes taut,

resilient, tense, about to snap.

Southern hemisphere, the gulf.

This is sacred ground.

Stroking, stroking, stroking,

involuntary moaning, I bury myself...

here in the rainforest of your emotions.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

familiar faces, exotic places

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Yesterday and Tomorrow

back to this place given to me,

into the soft candle lit corners of memory.

taste of pepper and salt and

drinking life from the sky.

seep into the moist furrows my lover and I,

wrapped in leaves, hidden by deep forest mist.

fingers laced to make a fist,

pagans, snuggling spoons,

breathing in vapors from wood, skin and must.

the smell of earth, effort 'n lust.

sex, the only thing that was good

he walked away from rumpled sheets stained with blood

all that was left from his passionate grasp.

I want some of that back, that struggle to merge

to sink helplessly into the urge

feet tucked under harder, rougher flesh

wrapped in strong arms, thighs holding tight.

......contrast......the key to such delight.

one year stacked on top of the other, time accordion pleated;

now anticipation draws it long, incompleted.

awakening with an ache down low

torturous dreams of weight and rocking to 'n fro.

hands smoothing, skin flushed, lips ready for the kiss;

forever leaving a space nature finds amiss.

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