Touch of Desire


Touch of Desire

I feel your wetness upon my finger,

as I press my hardness against your flesh.

Your taut nipple caressing my lips,

while your body arches to my touch.

Moans dance across my senses,

a quest to please consumes my thoughts.

Feminine scents ignite my passion,

while the ache in my loins longs for release.

I feel the shortness of your breath,

pass from your body to mine as

the swollen bulb of your flower drips

and grinds against my slippery manipulations.

The look in your eyes grows intense

and I know we are becoming one.

That little smile begins to show

and I know you are almost there.

You exhale and struggle to breath

as your body shows the spasms of bliss.

All the while I don’t let up

until you fall shaking into my arms.

© 2008 Philip N. Carcione

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a picture challenge

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Sexual Healing


  (*mature content)

Passion burning inside of me, I feel that at any second it's going to burst

Passion, Love, and Lust is what quinches my body's thirst

Jodeci playing in the background

He starts Feeling On my big brown rounds

Rained downed with kisses and licks

Feeling on his swollen stick

Moan as he continues to lick

Begining to tremble and kick

Those hands of his puts me into a fit

Could never imagine a feeling like this

kiss him, kiss me back

Trailing kisses down my back

Those kisses sends shivers down my spine

Another connection like this I can never find

All night long, mind blowing experience

I love having this feeling

It's nothing more than sexual healing

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My Imaginary You


My Imaginary You

As I close my eyes,

it is the smile on your face

that I imagine.

The soft kiss of your lips

that I feel and

the passion in your eyes

that consumes me.

My heart beat quickens

as your fingertips explore my body.

Your lips tease

my bodies response, fierce.

Hands find their ways to thighs,

as i try to catch my breath.

I feel the fire burning within,

and my toes curl with anticipation

as the bud beneath my fingertip

explodes with my bodies euphoria.

Another quick cheap thrill.

Another lonely night.

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sex drive

what drives you on

what sets your pace

is it your heart

is it the chase

do you defend

or do you deny

its my choice

no, not that guy

who drives your life

not who but what

is it your head

or that big ol butt

you know what i'm sayin

yeah--thats right

i think you got it

my words are tight

some of you know

others know not

i'm talkin about sex

not a burial plot

its called sex drive

that carnal urge

everyone has it

let your sin be purged

some drive early

like me, its late

not here just yet

not on my plate

i drive me on

i set my pace

it is my heart

someone give chase!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-jan. 3, 2008

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Inflict on me the pain I wretchedly deserve

Gratifying desire upon my mortal flesh

muffled screams controlled by your hand

systematic torture pushing my threshold

cradle me gently and prepare me with a kiss

before you bring me to my knees

and give to me what you crave to see

twist me slowly

and I will not stop you

tighten you grip

as urges define what I truly am

bind me to darkness

perversed in pleasure

silent screams utter dark desire

and when I say stop,

I really mean more.

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white desire

cream fantasy on my face

thrusting hard

sticky bods

wrapped in unlatexd passion

turn me over,

raise me up,

look into my eyes

and cum inside me

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Sweet golden honey dripping;

a fountain of you

showering me over

drenched in nectar that

I thirst for.

a slight lick of my tongue,

a pinch of your nipple;

kneeling and tugging

sparkling golden water

running down my face

tasting you

capturing drops of essence

waste not, want not.

kiss me when your done.

More please?

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leather bound love in downward glance

staggering breath positioned just right

dripping sweat off your hardened nipple

force me,

make me,

command me,

possess me,

own me,

tie me,

touch me,

kiss me,

overpowering ecstasy

unbound bodies

the only sound we make;

attached to my collar.

the only move I make,

yields to your desire.

watch absolute submission match total domination

pleasure in golden silence upon my lips

anything you ask, anything at all

love me, and I will bend to your will

bind me

keep me

hold me

reach for me

open mouths, eyes shut

quivering lips waiting to taste

I am bound

I am willing

I am yours

do you not yet realize

you already possess me?

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bushy bush


i am beyond desire

i roll around in all

the nuances

i whisper to you


i don't know what

i can get from

your whims

if they could be

pealed away like

the ring of a bell

you have the image

presented to you

on a dollar store

hello kitty platter

the image sounds

like the applause

of thighs colliding

not in that violent way

in that sensual posturing

of lust

right now the image tastes

like gin & tonic

but i know your pleasure

has to be much more intoxicating

and sweeter than autumn

the images fits on this page

but lays out on the take down

on the evil stares of a hotel camera

my desire edges toward you like

the unshaven tan lines

o how lust whips up a frenzy

in the back country of desire

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