Clemen Jaimes

With your looks,

you were cute & handsome,

with your wisdom,

I admired your voice & words,

with your fingers touching,

each hand massaging me,

gave me a sensation,

throughout my body;

stroking me, caressing me,

& pleasuring me.

I gave you my body,

my soft skin to touch,

for you to place your lips,

& caress my body tight,

against yours.

Your lips & tongue,

overwhelming me in pleasure,

while on my breasts,

sucking & licking my nipples,

ever so roughly,

as my breath released itself,

with a soft moan for more.

Placing my hands,

on your head,

stroking your hair,

with such hotness,

your fingers touching,

my wet pussy,

fingering me, toying with me,

felt ever so good,

to put us in the mood.

Your hard penis,

I gripped with my hands,

so firm & tough,

where my lips & tongue,

went down to kiss,

lick, & suck,

ever so nicely.

You facial expression,

moaning & groaning,

in pleasure as I,

go down to play,

with your penis,

I only hoped,

that you would feel,

the way I feel for you.

At this heated stage,

you & I are so intensely,

wanting sexual pleasure,

& on top I go,

riding you, arousing you,

until you cum in excitement,

relief is enjoyment,

& with one final kiss,

we go our ways.

These are the things,

which happened between us,

uncertain for feelings;

as a couple;

towards one another.

emotions, feelings,

& heartache await now.

I wish you’d tell me,

how you felt about me,

if you loved me, liked me,

or had a crush on me.

Was our intensifying,

sexual experience,

towards one another,

meant nothing to you?

Did you care about my feelings?

Did you care how my reaction would be?

Did you care if I cried?

Were you just using me for pleasure?

Would you leave me unanswered?

Would you ever love me more than a friend?

Was I nothing?

These were the questions,

which ran down my head,

I wish you would have,

told the truth in my face,

instead I had to search,

digging for an answer,

that awaited my tears,

sadness, loneliness,

& vulnerability.

I wish you knew,

what feelings I have for you,

how I’ve always felt for you,

and wanted to be with you.

It never should have happened!

A stupid illusion!

I no longer matter,

I’m sorry to have gotten,

attached to you.

goodbye to these feelings,

I had for you,

you never will be with me,

as a couple, or care for me.

I’m sorry,

this is how,

it should be.

Sayonara Clemen!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Clemen'. Someone I love so dear....I had to let go....

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

erotically hot but also darkeningly sad and true... fortunately there are more appreciative people out there who will share themselves with you not just for the physicalities....

don't feel ashamed neccesarily for giving yourself away... at the time it felt right... it felt true... seduction and love are a deadly combination and it just so happened you were a victim... this shit happens... and the best thing I can suggest is saying fuck you and walking away.

hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.