into the sweet

put in debbie

desire wraps around me

like your legs in a slow dance

of pleasure

in the sashay of hips

and thighs

in the flickering glow

of your tipping with

glistening excitement

there is music playing

from your public address


blasting the hip hop

and thumping the bass

desire wraps around me

like snow angels

with rotating hips

and things a unfolding

a bow slides around

the lower frets of

your violin

desire wraps a presence

in the gentle gravity

of your breasts

worshiping the cathedral

of your loins like a pop song

that has all the hooks

a latch that twists and

your panties have opened

the threshold

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Sex is........

A virgin's taboo

A nympho's deja vu

A teenager's practice

A hooker's art piece

A pimp's currency

A mother's pregnancy

A rapist's crime

A marriage's shrine

A honeymoon's first

A young man's thirst

A father's fear

A daughter's dare

A lover's affection

A patient's infection

A lady's bargain

A fetish's pagan

A drunk's mistake

A player's cupcake

A old men's enemy

A pornographer's academy

A song writer's subject

An artist's object

Sex is........

A union of two

A breaker of rules

A hobby for fools

An agent of news

A signature of love

A creator of laughs

A howl of wolves

A cheating rove

A divider of friends

A means to an end

A poets ink in pen

A lesson learned

A volcanic pleasure

An erotic fever

A singing diva

A flowing river

A sensual aroma

A relationship diploma

A pulsating coma

A sensitive mimosa

A feeling of mutual being

A duet of spirit benefit.

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Sheer Delight


Sheer Delight

She shuddered with pleasure
as she cried into her hands.
Her lover kept savoring
her juices as she flowed.
How many times had she
been brought to the brink.
Her mind was as squishy
as her swollen lips of femininity.
Her toes were curled
in perpetual spasms
as her breath
was nowhere to be found.

©  Philip N. Carcione

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#81- "Fornicating"


while she's undulating.


her consummating

this union of our lovemaking.


endearment proclamating.


my pulsating

as she becomes more frustrating.


what she's insinuating.


what I'm intimating.

She goes on being exasperating.


on what I'm indicating.


'til she's confiscating

and her tongue keeps me escalating.


my gyrating.


while oscillating.

Now I'm left recuperating.

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#54- "the Sleuth"

slip slap slip slap slippery Sleuth

slide through the night

slippery Sleuth

show Sensual pleasure

show Sexual delight

slide Sleuth. slide

sow your seed

with that slippery glide.

switch. swish. jerk.

in. out. in.

pounding. pounding in.

slide glide slide

slippery Sleuth


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the light in the dark 1

... she was laying in bed staring out the window to the lunar marble in the sky, when it's momentarily blacked out. she hurried to the window to see what it was, but saw nothing. so she returned to her bed and closed her eyes.

suddenly, she felt a cool breeze and a cold icy hand gently caress her cheek. afraid to open her eyes, she pretended not to feel, but the more the ice caressed her, the hotter she became, to the point where the frozen skin touching her, burned in difference.

"open your eyes, sunshine." a smooth icy voice commands.

she opens her eyes to reveal orbs as golden as the sun, that contrast her pitch black hair. after blinking a few times, she's looking into irridecent blue eyes.

"you are my sunshine... the only sunshine..." he trails off as he pins her to the bed. he begins to lick and kiss her neck, as he tears her nightgown right down the front. as he rubs her clit, he's kissing down her body, sticks his tounge in her navel, and works his way farther down. after kissing her womanhood, he brings his face to hers.

"who are you?"

"your best nightmare sunshine," he grins revealing pearlescent white fangs. "your best nightmare." he snickers softly as he kisses her neck, then nibbles on her ear. "ray`eh, my sunshine, my only sunshine..."

"how do you know my name?" the look of fear in her eyes is intoxicating to him, he gulps down a moan, as she stares into his eyes.

"i've been watching you. ever since you were a child. don't you remember?" his grin makes her blush.

"jho... jho`el?" tear roll down her face.

"i can finally be with you sunshine... my day in the night. my sin, my soul, my light." he licks her cheek as hewraps himself around her. she can feel him through his pants, hard and thick.

"jho'el..." she gasps as he reaches down to pet her moistening pussy. "jho'el, why... why did it take you so-"

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Screaming Orgasms


Clutching each other with sweaty arms,

grinding and humping madly in the light of day.

Passion and lust consuming our senses,

animal instincts running through our veins.

Uncontrolled sensations building deeply

as we lick and suck each others flesh.

Wild spasms shake our souls,

while moans and screaming can be heard

somewhere in the back of our hazy minds.

Falling exhausted as our fluids mingle

still wheeling from our sensual bliss,

I roll over looking deeply into hers eyes

while whispering into her ear,

“Shall we do it again?”

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The sensation of bliss elevates

The sensation of bliss elevates

It’s frightening, memorizing

Feeling this touch, wickedness senses

Rigid screams breaking through the silence

An individual’s pulse streaming harder

Beating down the innocent’s loses

Piercing the pace, sweat pouring down

Hearts race a mile a minute

The passion-determined frustrations have ended

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Short Stories

you lay down on the bed and i straddle your legs, sliding my hands up your calves and thighs, up your stomach to your chest...feeling how warm your skin is. running my fingers through the hair on your chest, leaning over to kiss a nipple, flicking it with my tongue. feeling your crisp hair tickle my lips and nose. i lean up more to give you a deep passionate kiss, i feel your dick rubbing against my belly button, leaving a slick trail everywhere it touches. i move my lips down along your jaw, feeling your little whiskers rasping against my lips, tickling them. i kiss along and down to your neck, where i nuzzle and playfully take nipping little bites. whispering in your ear all the things i'd love to do to you. i feel your dick grow harder against my  stomach as i whisper. i slip a hand between us and stroke it, feeling how hard and hot it already is. gliding my fingertips over the ridges and veins, loving how they feel. i sit back up and scoot closer feeling your dick standing up in front of me,leaning against my lower stomach, pressing hard against my skin. you watch as i run my fingers over the length of it, stroking up and down, smoothing your own droplets over it, slickening the way. i see your dick jump a little in anticipation. i move to straddle your hips and i touch myself, feeling how wet you make me, as i lower down onto you teasingly slow. you watch as inch after inch sinks deep inside my pussy. you feel a little resistance as your dick pushes all the way inside me. it's been a while, you gotta break me back in. you feel my pussy stretch a little to accomodate all of you. i lean my head back and moan a little cuz it feels amazing.  so you're in my hot wet little pussy now, i wiggle around a little, like a sexy short little lap dance, making sure every last inch is deep as it can go inside me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sorry for grammar and typos

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