That nite

That Night

That night we ran into the bedroom from the pouring rain outside

we kissed passionately

We pealed each others clothes off our drenched bodies

first your shirt then mine

my bra gets bored and walks of

your pants seem to slip off into the dark

with the rest of our clothes

we fell into the bed

We rubbed our bodies

In time with our heart beats that were fast

while this is going on the tempature rises

You kissed me and felt my smooth body

later I laid on top of you kissing you wildly

and you comforted me with your curious hands

our bodies slow down with our heart

Our love was in the air swirling around us

Like rose petals your arms felt soft and inviting

I fell asleep in your arms like they were clouds

soft and inviting

i never wanted that night to end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love these nites

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Curse of a tainted mind

Touch the dark skin of an unholy virgin

Lying and waiting for life to take a toll

Sweet sensation and a divine taste

The curse is unleashed from now on

Begging for more as time passes by

Warnings were sent out to deaf ears

The curse has taken over

Face the addiction; eyes wide open

Now a slave to the desire

A calling from deep within

Desires left cold and empty

The curse of a tainted mind

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NOTE BEFORE READING: The content in this poem will not appeal to a lot of people's tastes. If you are easily offended by risqué content and/or rude language, please skip this one.

Thank you.

*Category: Modernist (Clearly not haiku, you fools!) - Passion

An empty passion

as I bit my tongue to stop

from begging-- "Fuck me."

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Black Satin

The Sun is burning and I'm awake again

Moving softly, black satin sliding off my skin

I look out my window at another brand new day

It's hot as hell outside, but I'm freezing anyway

Your name is on my tongue, and I roll it all around

So much I want to say, but I do not make a sound

I'm sorry baby, I never meant to hurt you

It's just that patience was never my greatest virtue

I do my best to change, but I'm still kind of a mess

Why you put up with me is anybody's guess

I've never been that woman with an Angel on her shoulder

You love me anyway, so maybe love is in the eye of the beholder

And how we've come this far, nobody really knows

I think about it as I slip out of my clothes

In the shower, hot water makes me blind

I slowly wash away that night we left behind

I turn the knob, feeling water rush over me

I close my eyes real tight, your face is all I see

I imagine your body against mine, it's tearing me apart

Against my breast I feel the beating of your Rock n' Roll heart

I swear to God, I didn't know I could miss a girl this much

Naked with myself, imagining your touch

Biting on my finger to control my sighs

Imagining your hand, gliding deftly between my thighs

Submitting to you, letting you inside

Becoming one with you as our mouths collide

Slipping to my knees and tasting you on my lips

Giving you everything when you start to rock your hips

Grinding with your rhythm, my hands upon your legs

Don't mind my smile, it's just not everyday a woman like me begs

My muscles tense, I take hold of the shelf

Sensation grips me, and I steady myself

The world has faded away and I'm lost in fantasy

I forget and cry out loud, as the feeling washes over me

A slave to my love, I happily obey

Still wishing I were with you in your bed so far away

Imagining you in my arms so that I could finally know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's not supposed to be a song, but somehow I imagine this being sung to the tune of "Black Velvet." Maybe I should put in a chorus???

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The Taste of Me


She kneels before me

as I slide past her lips

and can feel the pressure

against the back

of her throat.

Slowly I move

in a rhythmic motion

while the wet suckling

drives me wild

and her drool begins

to run down

warmly over my sack.

Pleasure this intense

can not be described,

only experienced

to fully comprehend.

True, I love to provide

pleasure to the one I’m with,

but there are times

I just need to be pleased.

Letting my mind wander,

exploring my fantasies

till I can hold back no more.

Exploding my seed

and hearing the gurgles of love

before taking her in my arms

and sharing the

taste of me.

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Sweeter Sin


I wrap myself around you tightly,

drag you down the halls

connect with you so soundly,

as I have you pressed against the walls.

I pin myself right to you,

take you in with all my greed

gorge myself right from you,

your lust's become my feed.

I touch inside your heart,

when I pull you close to me

soak up all your love,

till red is all I see.

I push the bed onto you,

and take off all your lies

undress you with my honesty,

I comfort all your cries.

The passion built between us

fills the entire room

as we pass between each other,

an impending sense of doom.

I sink right into you freely,

melt myself into your skin

there has never been such romance,

there has never been such a sweeter sin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sexy time.

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With just your touch
Thoughts turn devious
Imagine what the sight of you does
Laying naked next to you isn't enough
Your scent makes me wanna get closer
Each time I get a little bit bolder
Respond with an immediate yes
To each and every request
Try to fight the urge even though
I find it almost impossible to say no
Soaking in my own skin
Your hard I wanna give in
Your breath
Against my flesh
To feel your weight on me
As you swell inside me
Make the best make it last
Devour each moment to pass
Not knowing when
I'll have you again
How you tempt me without a trace of doubt
I must say baby you've never let me down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspire me

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Laying In Solitude (a cento) *adult*


Laying In Solitude
(a cento)

Juices roll over my tongue,
her breath ragged,
chest heaving.
I feel her sweet nectar dripping
onto me as I drink
from the offered chalice,

In our erotic liaison
of perpetual keeps
I know that I am not alone
in this rippled ecstasy,
together priming passion’s juices.
Our sexual energy
pulsated with an undulating urgency
too intense
for any listener to make sense.
Convectional currents
slip-sliding through me
like soft ripples
as creases of wrinkled nouns
lay in solitude.

Words by:

MattNJake1 / Take It Away
MattNJake1 / Slither
shadowwolff69 / Her Pleasure Mine
shadowwolff69 / The Circle
Moonchild8 / Sex Charades
Talitha Ruatha / Where The Alpha Meets Nova
aMourningGlory / The Morning Fitting
Sugarmuser / Synchronized
MaryJaneBurns / freud woulda found u fascinating
Ruredernot32 / Soft Ripples and Hurricanes
rivergrey3 / An Age of Nude

Arrangement by:

Philip N. Carcione

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Blissfully Drained


Blissfully Drained

Seductive thoughts fill my mind
vibrating and tantalizing my senses.
Sexual urges grasping my being
as your pussy drips its juices
upon my waiting tongue.

Then I spread you open
taking our lovemaking
to the next level of bliss.
Sliding my cock deep
into your undulating depths,
grasping your curved cheeks
to pull you closer
so I can feel your breath
against my flesh.

I find myself fucked
in so many ways
as you toy with my mind
and your fingers cup my balls.

Then I feel you squeeze
around my throbbing manhood
as you explode
and drain my cum
from deep within my soul.

©  Philip N. Carcione

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Written for a word challenge

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