Jesus Hates the Gays

He hates you while you're sleeping,

He hates you while you're awake,

He hates if you're a giver

or if you mainly take....BECAUSE!


Jesus hates the gays


Jesus hates the gays

If he sees one in the street he'll strike'em down

Either that or his face will wear a frown.

He doesn't care if you're a muslim or a jew

as long as your penis doesn't touch poo...because


Jesus hates the gays


Jesus hates the gays

He loves everyone the same

Unless you're gay, then he thinks you're lame.

He doesn't care about religion or creed

As long as you don't swallow another mans seed....because


Jesus hates the gays


Jesus hates the gays

Jesus loves you, whoever you are

unless he see's you go in that gay bar

Then he hates you even though you're super fun

He's scared you'll stick your finger up his bum

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a joke song, if you're offended...i don't care.

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Rock her baby, back and forth

just tell her what you need

tell her that your so in love

you know that you mislead.

Caress her with your gentle tongue

as night begins to wane

tomorrow you'll be talking trash

and leaving all the blame.

Pleasure rising to new heights

she smiles silently

for payback is a bitch my friend

and she's taken the lead.

The climax comes,like white hot fire

and your behaviors paid

you didn't use a condom

you didn't know that she had aids.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrap it up, you never know

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Kiss Me Here, Touch Me There

My Best

kiss me here

touch me there

let me feel you


dont let go

not this night

stay here with me

lets do it right

all night long

make me hot

make me moan

dont you stop

caress my skin

leave a burning kiss

breathing heavily

just like this

let me know

just what you want

tell me please

i'll get you lost

move together

lets move slowly

keep this pace

oh so sweetly

make me want you

make me scream

let me taste you

pretty please

make me say it

call your name

make me want it

drive me insane

over the edge

so blissfully

one last kiss

for my pretty baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah.....kinda obvious what that's about :P

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physical therapy


let's jazz up your moving parts

and liberate

the babbling

stream of pleasure

bend the hinge

of your intimate


the slanting

adventure of

your hips

where the end

meets he beginning

and two


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Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Warm as it awaits its holdings,

The sweetness of it all.

Of which the strawberries or cream,

Only off the lips of my love.

My body serves as a platter,

A platter in which to receive his love.

In forms of strawberries and cream,

The best of all forms-himself.

Spreaded evenly throughout the surface,

Eaten until my hearts content.

A rush of pure love and pleasure,

Gently we share feelings as actions.

More pleasurable and loving,

Loving and gentle to the greatest extent.

Strawberries and whipped cream-wow,

What a way to make and show love.

A new experience for a new love,

A night I will remember forever.

That’s exactly what he promised,

And in my memory it shall always be.

August 8, 1993

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Sonnet Unfolds



Sonnet Unfolds

She is a vision stirring in my mind,
with perky breasts tantalizing my urge.
Heated embrace needing to be entwined,
hot lusty thoughts beginning to emerge.

I must hold and ravish her aching soul,
feel her desires flow from deeply within.
Feeling her spasm and shake is my goal,
as I kiss and lick upon her soft skin.

Slipping my fingers inside her wet folds,
watching her eyes glisten from this pleasure.
Knowing not what between us next unfolds,
I find myself savoring this treasure.

Then I must have her and I quickly grin,
spreading her long legs and thrusting it in.


© 2007 Philip N. Carcione



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throbbing hard flesh

pulsating with pre-cum

spewing fountains of my hot seed

fuck tool

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On My Mind


My desires build within

as your essence

races to my senses,

creating lust in my being and

hardness in my loins.

Many thoughts float

everywhere in my mind,

like licking your pussy

till you explode and

drench my face.

Oh the shear thought of it

weighs on my consciousness,

never to dissipate until fulfilled.

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Barely able to control myself

Lick a bit around the head

Oh God that's it

Wet and slippery is good

Jerk it a little also

Only can take so much

Blowing my cream

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