end of days


Repressing the Self-Destruction Urges

Leads to binges not Purges

Shall we call it Prepper Foresight…or do they just want to be proven right? 

Those Over obsessed with Self-Preservation is often an excuse to pray for the glutinous masses starvation

They see a need for a rebirth, a reboot, an imperative to chuck the superficial loot

Deep inside they pray, they crave for the end of days that will bring us back to our literal caves

This need for a bunker is the antithesis of the so-called, "instinctive need to belong".

Immunity to conformity is ultimately what the conformist may refer to as a “gift and curse”

As it leads to either true grandeur or simply an unfollowed hearse 

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"The Last Goodbye"

Just a thought!

Deathly sounds from a Wurlitzer Organ, piping tunes for a funeral wake

Playing up and down scales, in flattened keys, that make a body shake

A haunting ora, echos through riffs, in darkened chambers of the dead

Eerie music stains your soul, releasing demons in your head

Like scratching nails on a chalkboard, sending chills down your spine

The music grips your darkest fears, in the hallows of your mind

A thousand stares intensely viewed, with final words of dread...

The organ stops, one last goodbye, they close the coffin, your dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Last Goodbye"    My eulogy for Vincent Price...."Read by Vincent Price" ( if you can picture that)

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"Dancing in the Deep

Just a thought!

I stand amidst a rising tide, chained to rocks below,

Crashing waves in watery graves, will claim another soul.

Windy wakes on rocky breaks pound against my brow,

Waters surge, I steal a breath, no one to save me now.

Light magnified on ocean ripples, blind my burning eyes,

Yet, the salty water drowning me, soothes my teary cries.

Horizon light dissapearing as relentless waters creep...

Another crew with an ocean view, "dancing in the deep."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Dancing in the Deep"

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