A grain of time.

Time, like grains of sand-

The tighter you grasp

The faster it runs away.

Each single grain

That falls from your hand,

Like time, can never be regained.


And time, like a grain of sand

Can be blown away

With the smallest breath.

And the clutching hand

With the precious sand,

Dreads the last grain.



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The Last Grain

Like time indeed. Well sculptured portrait of death's inevitability. - slc xoxoxo



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Thank you Stella, I have to

Thank you Stella, I have to admit this is one I have never truly liked. sue x

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 To face mortality is to face

 To face mortality is to face the truth. We may not like the answer, so life may as well be lived to it's fullest.

Nice write.

 Carpe Diem.

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 Thank You for your

 Thank You for your comment which is very true , although I think that when the last grain begins to appear,we may all dread it.