"Useless Statistics"

by Jeph Johnson

Why do they always think

we want to know

how many pounds and ounces

a newborn baby is, 

yet they never report

the circumference

of the mother's vagina

for reference

so we can compare?

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Paradigms, Triangles, and A Blessing

I see the picture now, the purpose for life, the reasons for death—

I understand why the sun shines during the day, and the moon

glistens at night; their alive like you and me. I realize why we

must go through broken hearts in order to become stronger in



The only thing that can brake our spirits down is ourselves by

      allowing negativity to linger in our mind; however, as a poet my

duty is to walk the fine line between good and evil, the light and

the dark, negativity and positivity in order to express and relay,

but understand that I can easily lose my footage, stumble and fall.

Listening to what others are telling you is best for you or not, is

nonsense! Listen to your heart, it won’t lie, you must listen with

an open mind though—I grew out of wishing upon shooting stars;

my wishes are never granted, maybe once, but I still think it was a

coincidence, and I don’t believe in coincidence, or good or bad luck.


We generate future moments with our actions today. I know that not

only the lonely get played; even the kind hearted are fooled and taken

advantage of. Karma is our personal guilt catching up to us when we

run and hide from what we know we did wrong—

I’ve seen the sunrise with only a ray of light cracking over the horizons

of the Sequoia Mountains; the beauty and serene moment of witnessing

such elegance made a tear drop roll down my cheek. I saw the moon so

close to Earth once I could reach the sky and touch it; coming home

from the coast, the further we drove away from the coast the closer the

moon seemed to be, almost as if the she was following us home; so

yellow, vibrant, and full.

A better perspective of Mother Earth and her wonders throughout the

world I received that night—I just recalled I was a best man once in a

wedding, I’m still questioning, why? But I’m guessing it was for the

couple’s convenience.

I have six best friends, one of them is a female; I adore her, she named

her baby the name I chose, I’m thinking of naming my first child the

same if it’s a baby boy. Became more spiritual after leaving bad religion

to the side; a change that came about after reading the Popol Vuh

(Mayan Bible) my creator is Plum Serpent and Heidi or Hell as you

know it is Xibalba; I been there before through Dante’s Inferno: A


Not every man is created equal; some are born with disabilities and

require special needs and attention, seems unfair. An action creates

reaction, which becomes the reason for change, and not all change

is good! Sometimes the change is worst than before.

I believe I am special, unique, that I hold the key to an uncertain

future being molded with my choices and decisions today. As I was

growing up, I was made fun of, bullied, and harassed. As an adult

the jokes continue, some are hurtful, yet I keep my silence, because

I’ve learned that jokes towards others are said to cover insecurities

about themselves; the people telling jokes, and the constant jokes

said every time you see a certain person…I pity them now!

Happiness is based on our desires, our wants and needs. The level

of sadness is based on the amount of pain retained in our hearts. As

a poet I don’t’ throw sticks and stones; I may break you with my

words of critique. I’ve been to my motherland of soul and spirit,

El Salvador, Central America; I don’t need to travel the world, I hold

the whole world in the palms of my hands—

From experience prayers are faith based, which at times faith has been

manipulated to a promise that can’t be kept. Secrets kept in deceit will

soon shed the light upon the deceivers (two days later) I continue with

this; the paradigms of the outside world I saw are now masquerading

in public orgies without shame.

Mathematically speaking, subtract my birth date 07/20/77 from my

baby’s mother’s birth date 09/24/80 straight down, the answer is

02/04/03, multiply the first two number, then multiply that answer by

third number, your answer is 24, add 12 for the months that passed

before I planted my seed in her womb, equals 36, subtract 3 for the

difference in age between us, your final answer is 33 degrees of

illuminated compatibility; my soul mate written in stars aligned by time

and spaced.

After revising the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ I

come to the conclusion that the 8th Habit of Highly Effective People is

writing self-help books like this one, useless! A book can inspire the

spirit, but never a change of heart, unless the thought process is reversed

to positive thinking (this may be the longest poem I’ve written, maybe not.


If destiny willing, January 2014 will be a great year for me as I welcome

my first seed into this world of madness and delusion; Soulcritic-Poet’s

offspring roots-outs; the legacy shall continue; my triangle is complete;

father, mother, and child; my life will be complete! 

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Paradigms, Triangles, and A Blessing!