Here Where I Was


Got that futuristic mind set that I'll never out grow ; cuz even if my past made me take steps in the ghetto ; it only made more focused to where I was determined to go ; & as a kid I remember jamming to tupac feeling alive as an embryo ; & now its hysterical how I find this rap game to be childsplay ; I was spittin since I was baby ; so at birth I was on my way ; & I'm not one to count days as they go by ; I jus invision the steps needed until I can fly ; moving on & graduating from my past life ; looking at the world & I can tell we have a diff vibe ; no words exchanged but looking at me you see I'ma alumni ; no not illuminii but given the chance if i was offered then I would deny ; offer woman money power but this soul u never could ever could buy ; cause i'll always remember where I was ; no matter where I'll go ; I'm always here where I was ; never to leave & never forget how I was born ; had my heart on my sleeve but i swear it would never be worn ; i focused on the new me I envisioned I had to become ; & now that im really here i feel the challenge has only begun ; & I'ma see this to the end but i see I could never be done ; continuing with the passion in my heart & starting to get a feel for this burn ; & yea meeting death a couple of times is the only way that chu learn ; so Im pulling against there will even if it gets torn ; while letting my music carry my soul into the lyrics that form ; but no matter where it'll take me & even if I reborn ; my passion will never go cold cause my heart will always stay warm .

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