*Under the Mistletoe

Seasons Greetings!

All around you see the season

The blessed birth is the reason!

Together we gather this time of year

to remember and celebrate with feelings of cheer

We will dance and twirl at each Christmas fete

One thing will be there I'm willing to bet

Hung up in a doorway for all to see

Something more special than the Christmas Tree

The little green leaves, we know what they mean

Just waiting for you beneath them to be seen

So sometime tonight your love you must show

As you kiss your sweetheart under the mistle toe

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Another Year Came and Went

Another year came and went.

Yet by my family, not a single candle was lit.

I don't blame them, their emotions have been dim.

Times are troubled

and their misfortunes have been doubled.

But still, it only takes a word

for my assumptions to be unblured.

Despite this overlook and my lover being took,

I've had a good year. I've conquered many fears

and consumed many beers trying to lesson the tears.

I've acomplished some goals and dropped some dreams

so now my future gleems.

I only see the good

and now understand what has been misunderstood.

So yes, despite this overlook and my love not being here

I've had a decent year.

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i am so far under

make things like they used to be

make me go back to how i used to be

i can’t stand this mask that strangles me

i fall so far apart

from myself, i am splitting

please before i leave this world

give them a sign that i was here

it’s so hard to speak

when there’s nothing that needs to be said

please don’t leave me like this

i never wanted anything in your world

this wasn’t my world

what has become of me?

i’m collapsing underneath this

and i shall never ever be perfected

take care of my remains

i was a random selection

that never fully functioned in this world

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Christmas time

Life Experiences

O I can't wait to wake up tommorrow morning

It's christmas time and we are going out

We are going to buy some presents for me

and you and her and him and everone else

I'm waking up and going to the bathroom

Gotta wash my teeth for Christmas

Let me run to the tree....

Where are the presents?

hmmm Let me go wake up mommy

Hey where's mommmy... and daddy

My brother's aren't here either...

What's that noise coming from outside?

O it's mommy! with blue and red christmas lights

Let me run outside, HEy Mommy!

... She told me to go back inside...

Well I guess I can wait for her

Someone's knocking on the door! could it be santa!

Blue... I thought it was a red suit... Go against the wall?

..ok... guess he doesn't want me to see the presents

I wonder where everyone else is, guess there still shoping

Wow this is a long wait... I'm going to turn around

Santa Screamed at me!!! I thought he was jolly

ok he left.. let me go to the tree

no presents still... But I want my nintendo

O Hey mommy! My brother's went to Jail?...

Wow i didn't know he was in college already

I'm so proud of them, dad went to pick them up?

I guess it's too early for school, silly brothers

Mommy where are the presents? Is dad going to pick them up?

No... But when are we going to celebrate?

Not enough money... But I thought santa was free

No presents this year... but mommy, I wanted my nintendo...

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An Empty Street Scene

A handful of automobiles

Or just one mentally ill

Would stay and just fill.

Walking nor slushing,

The sun is out shouting--

Could just be the beginning!

Barren, oh how you are!

Without sturdy structures to bar

A sullen horizon from afar.

Sculpt the dreary air, please.

A seagull's masterpiece...

Gliding in the midst of peace!

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A long time ago a King left His kingdom and His throne

To pay what could be paid only by Him, and just Him alone,

A Mighty Lord who was willing to die for yours and my sins,

And make us all brand-new again when we invite Him in

Knowing full well the rewards of His salvation plan

Help us remember that we are all held in God's own hand,

One day when we arrive to Heaven, what's it first we'll see?

But Jesus, with arms opened wide as happy to greet you, and me!

I am but a sinner, who's now living by His blessed grace,

Washed clean by the Blood of my Lord Jesus, who died in my place,

By surrendering everything I have to God, each and every day,

I can be certain for sure, I'll not be that easily led astray!



Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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I want to let you know today that I love you

You fulfill my life and dreams in every way

Everytime I look at all the stars in the sky

I see your face and all this great love in your eyes!

I want to spend with you only, the rest of my life

In every way that I can, and then some more after,

I want to spend every single moment with you today

A New Year starts today and that's very special day!

In front of our eyes starts to unfold another New Year

And I want to spend it only with you my Dear,

Let's celebrate it all the way by laughing and dancing

While we hug and kiss,we'll hear the New Year with cheers arriving!


Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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just me

Spread the cheer,

Christmas is here.

Have fun with family and friends,

Don't wait till the season ends.

Giving gifts,

Playing in snow drifts.

Eating and eating and eating some more,

Is part of the Christmas lore.

Tis the season of giving,

And a time for living.

So pass on the Christmas spirit,

And have a great holiday!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

here is some christmas cheer for all to share!!!

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Silent Bell

2004 Poetry

The Christmas bell is silent,

cold air fills the night.

No more faith in Santa Clause,

Bah Humbug is my plight.

Gone is the spirit of the season,

with love, warmth, and faith.

Replaced with empty feelings,

melancholy is my place.

Christmas starts way to early,

two months of season hype.

Can't get through the holidays,

without my usual gripe.

But come that Christmas morning,

when children's joys soar.

My heart fills with magical spirit,

and I hear the bell once more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a Christmas Challenge.

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