The winds of the Winter breeze chills the humid air to a cold frost,

And almost everything is raised in it’s cost.

The leaves on the trees are being shed ready for new ones to come.

And we must wait while our fingers go numb.

In various parts of the world small white specks fall down to the ground.

Soon it’s falling so fast and is abundant it creates a mound.

People roll, build, gather, and stack.

And the snowman is complete with a lil help from Jack. (Frost)

Houses are being strung and lit up with vibrant lights.

Forming together to appeal to the peoples sites.

They sparkle, dazzle, shine, and gleam.

White lighted houses always look like a white dream.

The crowds increase in the great jubilation

For this seasonal celebration.

Smiles seem to occur more often.

Even the old “Mr. Scrooge’s” heart begins to soften.

Children are writing their requests from the formerly known Chris Kringle.

Going to sleep early but listening for his sleigh bells jingle.

They set out milk and cookies for the man to enjoy on his jaunt.

While hoping they get something that they all want.

The ritual of getting presents from “Santa” and friends is fun.

But there comes a time in life when this most stop and the receiving is done.

They must learn the truth and then learn to pass on the joy.

Giving someone else a turn with a toy.

To receive a gift is full of fun and excitement,

But giving a gift can bring just as much enticement.

So give a gift but don’t forget family and others you love,

Since they are the ones that your life will always be apart of.

December 25th  is a day that celebrates the joining of families together from East

      to West.

It is not a time of the year to get what one has to request.

Some people say it’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus the lord;

While others believe it to be were family and friendships are restored.

I, myself, believe it to be a time when the spirits of people should be brought up

to it’s peak everywhere.

When everyone, even the less fortunate on the street, should feel like they are a


Everyone should celebrate Christmas regardless your faith

Inspired by: The good feelings of Christmas dedicated to: all the close minded religious people of the world!

Created on: December 11, 2004

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