A Bunny Tale

Jus 4 Fun

It was Easter morning,

back when I was six.

I peeked into my basket,

and thought, 'This must be a trick!'

For there my chocolate bunny sat,

and my eyes they filled with tears.

You see it seemed somebody went,

and ate my bunny's ears!

"Who would be so cruel?" I cried.

"And commit this awful act?

Someone ate my bunny ears!

They're gone and that's a fact!"

Mother looked surprised and said,

"Well I know it wasn't me.

I was sleeping soundly.

I wonder who it could be?"

My brother checked his basket,

saying, "My bunny is fine!

No one ate his ears.

So I guess they are all mine!"

I looked around for Father,

to see if maybe he knew.

Cause dad would get to the bottom of this,

and know just what to do!

I found him snoring and still asleep,

but I had to solve this case!

So I pulled the covers down,

and saw the chocolate on his face!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 02/21/02

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