lockd cabinets

Grandma's Cabinet


Grandma’s cabinet is always locked

I asked her once, “Why?”

She held my shoulder looked at me

Smiled and sighed a heavy sigh


She simply told me not to worry

“The things in my cabinet” said she

“Are heavy for the young to carry,

And too many for the old to be free.”


One day I saw the door stood open

Curiosity overflowing I looked inside

And saw all the things that filled a heart

Memories, love, pain, envy, and pride


 I saw the people who had hurt her

And people she once loved

Times where she had taken the pain

And the times she’d pushed and shoved


I closed the door at once

Not wanting to see anymore

Her memories already ailed me

Never mind what else was in store


I understand now why she keeps

That cabinet so firmly sealed

Some things are much better left

To remain forever concealed


Whenever I see something locked

I leave it locked – It is best

Some things are truly meant

To have an eternal rest


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

December 18, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This wasn't written to anyone in particular, it was written "Just Because." I learned at that point, that if someone says they don't know or just because, to leave it be.

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