you know when it feels good

i want to kiss down every inch of you

from your toes up to your throat

i want to run my tounge along the places that you dont

i want to taste the sweat that pours from your pores

i want to feel the tension when my actions get too course

i want to feel you jump when i bite your lower lip

hear you moan and groan as your efforts start to slip

and just about the time that you begin to feel sustained

ill nick you with a razor blade cuz i like pleasure and pain

feel your eyes close as your head rolls back'

im watching every muscle on you coil and relax

we cheated on her

i knew what was going on

we cheated on her cuz i went along

but we're not in this together

fate was just luck

and let me tell you some thing

you were just a fuck!

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you write on so many

you write on so many different emotions wish i could figure out how to get my mind open to do the same i really enjoy everything you write

Just Me

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wow thank you :) i dig your

wow thank you :) i dig your writings as well

~Grass is green~ <^>