you suffered the pain

to let us see the beauty

of the world

we are thankful


you fed us, clothed us, and kept us warm

we are so blessed,


you taught us the rudiments of life

you wiped our tears

kissed our worries goodbye

it made us stronger

it made us secured

yet, after all

the love and affection you showed

you unexpectedly deserted us

we asked so many questions

but found the answers are few

we groped our way

walked through dense thickets

thorns nipping at fragile skins

until finally we found a clearing

we've made it Mother

you'll be proud of us

come see us once again

time has brought you back

while tears of hurt welcomed you

we realize

now is the time that we show you

the strength of will we have gathered

most of all to let you know

that our arms are wide

to embrace you

back to us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A letter...  A child's sentiments...

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ugonna's picture

I have a lot of respect for women! And indeed, my deep cherishment of Motherhood is unfathomable. How does one really begin to express whay one's Mother does for one! In "DEAR MOTHER", Serene, in her unique style, has succeeded in celebrating Motherhood so powerfully through the love and eyes of her own Mother even though at times one may experience pain and uncertainty in the relationship with one's Mother. Subsequently, the joy and courage in still knowing and cherishing one's own Mother, no matter what, overwhelms the pain of searching, questioning and loss. The following lines are deeply touching: "we groped our way walked through dense thickets thorns nippling at fragile skins until finnaly we found a clearing... most of all to let you know that our arms are wide to embrace you back to us." What a poem, Serene! What a powerful, moving poem, Serene! And: "we are so blessed Mother..." is the sweetest line. What more can one say but to plead that humanity deeply cherish Mothers - our Mothers! What an enchanting poem, Serene! Ugonna Wachuku

Wendy D' Michelle's picture

Oh this is heart wrenching. It makes me sad in a way, but happy for you and your siblings. Sometimes things happen that make us stronger...and you already know that. :) Wendy