The Horses

The Horses

Enrique Garcia and Sofia Pons

When the world was being created it looked nothing like it looks today, the gods were roaming around in their giant horses. Each god loved their horse and had special relationship with them. Poseidon had a seahorse, and Zeus a lighting horse. One day, the horses were talking to one another, questioning the power of the gods. They thought that they should rule the world of the humans, as they were more beautiful, more powerful, and more graceful. Zeus’ horse set up a meeting with all of the horses.

“We should be the one to rule this world”, he said “Why would the gods create humans to rule this world, they are so greedy we shall not take this anymore!”

“But how do you suppose we are going to win against our masters?”, said the seahorse.

“We shall not obey them anymore, we shall rise up in arms!”, he said.

“How will we be able to do this without getting caught by our masters?

“We know all their powers and their plan end even their whereabouts, it should be easy to ruin their plans and we even know where they are going to be at any given time.”

“I hope you are right about this, we could end in big trouble!”

The horses went their way making up their plan, they were to attack their masters in their sleep on the 7th day of creation when men were due to be made. They were not going to let the men rule a world when they were created after them.

Zeus’ and Poseidon’s horse snuck into the gods meeting and were waiting for the right moment to intervene.

“I do not think I want to go through with this anymore, I love and respect Poseidon and I do not want to upset him”, said the seahorse.

“Be quiet, they might hear us, there is no going back anymore”, he said.

Suddenly, the gods stopped talking and looked at the corner where the horses were hiding.

“What are you doing here?”, exclaimed Zeus, “What do you think you are doing?”

“I am sorry gods, forgive us we crossed over the line!”, said the seahorse, “Forgive us for meddling in your business”.


“What were you planning to do?”, asked Poseidon.

“We deserve a better role in this world, we have done everything and we demand to be the leaders! These humans you are about to create will betray you!” Zeus’ horse said.

In that second all the gods looked at each other and pointed at Zeus’s horse. They saw the greed in his eyes and the danger it would be to the world. All of the sudden the lightning horse started to turn into dirt and stones and could not move.

“What is happening to me?”, asked the horse.

“You are a danger to this world and we have to take away your privileges. You and all of your kind will now have a different purpose. You will know be mountains and surrounding lands”, said Zeus, “And you, little seahorse, you will go to the ocean with the rest of your kind, and you will be smaller, since you are less of a danger to the world, but you still doubted us.”


And from that moment the gods would no longer be able to ride their giant horses. All horses lost their privileges and had to become different things in the world because they were too much of a danger.

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