Why I Write?

Why I write?

I read too much.

I think too much.

I work too much.

I worry too much.

Why I write?

I am at home too much.

If jobs are not that much.

I don't socialize too much.

I don't go to pub

I can't drink too much

I sip, not drink though

I don't smoke

Only inhale someone's smoke

I don't bet, I don't gamble

I don't, I don't, I don't lie I mean

I am too serious

But I do have humour

Better than spreading rumours.

Why I write?

As a matter of interest, Yes!

For a hobby,

I love pounding the keyboard

I can even multitask, i.e,

Playing my Spider Solitaire

To ease boredom

While working with the WP.

And listening to the MP!

Why I write?

There are so many things to write

So many words to create and recreate

So many language to learn

So many letters to write

So many things to disable

So I write, I write and just write

Why I write?

I love sharing my mind

Whether it's functioning

Or reasoning

Then there's plenty to share

For all the folks out there

Sharing mine own

And sharing what is not mine

They call it repost or reblog

Whatever, however.

I write for amusement

I write because I need an outlet

For all the damn things

I can think of

I see

I read

I hear

I learn

I write, write, write

When mood warrants

I too need to rant!

Ah, call it, not my own self today!

But I need some diversion.

To keep away depression.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~this was posted from the forum, initiated by Tara~

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