Snatch Me

2007-2009 Poems

Snatch me away for a minute...

No, for an hour.

For a week, a month.

Just snatch me away.

From all the things

That make sense at a glance.

I am covered with papers,

deadlines, and 'musts'.

Will it matter if I get it done?

Will I matter if I don't?

I who live nowadays mostly,

By snatched moments Of life.

I never desire to be jaded.

Don't reduce me into work.

No matter how meaningful it is.

I am everything that I do- and more.

But now the fog of toxication

Is starting to seep in my veins.

My immunity is weak.

Everybody is too busy to see- I'm twitching.

I used to say, "You are my medicine."

How I wish there is a name for "You".

Hurry up and find me, I can't sway.

Distract and snatch me away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~jerlin 5:11p.m. 11Nov07

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