The Truth and The Lie

This life I live, will never give,

I am here for always, never failing,

I will succeed, in all I do,

Because this is me, and I am always true.

Honesty is everything, and this is what I mean,

You must be true, or consider me dead to you,

There is nothing worse, than a lie like this,

You best not lie, or there'll never be life in bliss.

The lie is the devil, speaking through you,

This is the evil, it will make you never true,

Death will be upon us, if this come,

And to hell you will be, no matter where your from.

Be true and honest, and heaven will become,

You will rise up, and never be undone,

Life shall increase, in happiness and love,

This shall be you, just stay honest and above.

This is all, you must do,

Just stay honest, and always be true,

I will never, let you go,

If you follow, this simple rule.

The reward is heaven, heaven on earth,

For everything you wish, shall come with this,

The lie will kill, Though it may be a thrill,

Do not give in, for this is a punishable sin.

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