Torn Apart

Broken heart

Promises I've made

Now feel broken

Torn between two

Yet knowing the truth

i love one more

Yet knowing we wont be

For we are a thousand miles apart

And I'm left to wallow in my missary

Life is unfair cruel and misleading

And as i venture on I wonder

Is there a meaning

For all the pain and false hope

But I dont know No one does

For life is a mistery

My life has a meaning

But I'm not sure what

For as I go forth

I do not know what is beyound

Left to wonder how life goes on

The people in pain fight for it all

Fight to live to get that they want

How they do it I'm not sure of

Life is weird wonderful and grand

But what happens when it end

Will we all dissapear

Ceac to exist be gone

Become forgotten

fade away when all is left

Is a memory a thought a name

Your name, and as the world goes on

WE forget even more, me i do not fear

Life will end its how it will be

Nothing you can do will make it go away

We dont live forever so we must live great

Don't hold back anything,not hide what we say

Be true to yourself and others too

Do not use or abuse cause you want too

Do on to others that you want done to you

Dont treat people badly for it will be done to you

Be who you are not what other expect

For everyone is amazing in there own way

Me I've changed I've ran I've hid who I was

I gave up the things that I wanted

The dreams that I've had I have up everything

Just to feel loved, I've let people down

Led people on for me it was all a mistake

But nothing I will do Will change those bad days

So I'm trying to get back be who I am

No more will I change Who ever I am

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