Wasting Time

Sitting in my bedroom watching TV,

Seeing all the people and things I could be.

Models, looking fabulous on the runway,

Doctors, saving lives everyday,

Actors, acting like they own the world,

Dancers, with their dresses swirled,

Painters, with their artwork splatters,

Lovers, going at it like nothing else matters,

Singers, all singing their songs,

Writers, writing about the world’s wrongs,

Mothers, having the perfect families,

Teachers, telling kids about similes,

Hunters, shooting the biggest deer,

Firefighters, fighting fires with no fear,

All the things I could be, but never will

Because I’m sitting here watching TV still.

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John Kern's picture

I love your cynacism.
It matches mine

Christine Alexander's picture

I just really enjoyed the descriptions about what each of the active people do. Fun to read, and it still has a message.