Servant Savior Sacrifice


Speak to me

In poetic words

Touch me

As if addicted to my skin


I feel as if I am falling


Into a dream

Something inside of me is awakened


Lust for me

Love only me

Liberate my heart


Come to me in darkness

Disguised in light

Haunt me

My Fantasy


Close your eyes

As you slip deep inside of me

I have your heart your soul

You love me alone


Possess my mind

Take over

Control me


The more you think

You have me under you

The more I control you


I become the servant savior sacrifice

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Can we learn

new ways to visualize? One feature that distinguishes one poem from another is the "voice" or sense of a person providing the vision and guiding the readers eyes and ears through the moment... I can imagine various members of your audience responding to these words in very different ways...

I find that poetry is a wonderful media for individuals to express themselves, and to begin a journey of exploration and discovery. The poet is always free and is ultimately giving exposure to their real persona.

You are a very talented poet. I encourage you to continue your avocation...

Stay safe
Be happy

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot