Falling from grace at a fast pace
She lost her innocense a long time ago
U can see it on her face.
Too tired to live not ready to die
She tricks all night just to stay high
Her lost dreams are smothered In a alcaholic daze muffled by silent screams.and laughs that are half crazed.
If u ever see her on the track 
Slow down, look in her eyes and see where she's at
She's just chasing that high
Not too different from u and I

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Unique Poems

Cuz ima addicted to ur smile // addicted to da rain // addicted to ur love & addicted to da pain // addicted to da joking // addicted wen I'm insane // addicted to da day // becuz baby ur my Lois Lane // addicted to remembering // addicted to da fights // addicted to ur moaning // addicted to this night // addicted to da sheets // addicted to da treat // addicted wen u sing // addicted to this beat // addicted to ur eyes // addicted to da prize // addicted to ur heart /// addicted to da lies // addicted to da truth // addicted to our thoughts // addicted to u // & addicted to da lost // addicted to da struggle // addicted to da question // addicted to da freedom // & addicted to da lesson // addicted to da chance // addicted to da drug // addicted becuz // I'm addicted to us ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

any criticism would be welcomed

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Life is a Game

Theme Based Poems

If life is just a game then i could never quit // cause to tell u the truth im addicted to this shit // to the RUSH to the drug that keeps my heart beating // im a FORCE UNLEASHED // untill the day that i would die i will always stay competeting // never feeding into the lies // most of the truth is in disquise // my heart was witness to so much evil even the DEVEL MAY CRY // but since i cant even shed a tear let it be known that i do not FEAR // so if u step in my BATTLEFIELD u would hear a BLOODY ROAR // cuz i will show no mercy like in SMACKDOWN VS RAW // I'll take my TEKKEN out & make it rain shooting a BULLETSTORM at ur face // so let me introduce u to my little friend as i give u a SCARFACE // turning on the GEARS OF WAR in the back of my mind and it'll take a SPLIT SECOUND to erase u from time // living ina BIOSHOCK world man who wouldnt go insane but im one step ahead injecting plasmids in my viens // fulfilling that NEED FOR SPEED high driving in every other lane // we're only DEAD OR ALIVE why? cuz we try to escape the chains // if u wanna be free then u need to step up ur game // no more pussy shit // for now on this is MORTAL KOMBAT // so i put my back to the past JUS CAUSE it can kiss my ass & im not a angel but i got a HALO on my head because before i wrote this rap they said hip hop was LEFT 4 DEAD.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this poem using video game titles. i will be making part 2 to this poem soon. I captialized the games so you can see how many i used. count for urself :) ~ also - Honorable Mentions : deadspace // heavy rain // deadrising // mass effect // fallout // darkness // prince of persia // uncharted // bad company // half life // max payne // street fighter // hitman

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My Precious Addiction

Today I saw you,
Carrying my coffee cup.
Once half full,
Until you drank it all up.

Our Precious addiction,
for a simple morning comfort.

While, you carry,
A spilled cup of loyalty,
and my lingering heart.

I keep you up all night,
and your mind will never rest.

Boy, you carried my coffee cup,
that metallic shade of green,
And yet, you walk right by me,
you always were so scene...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The boy I had a crush on had the same coffee mug as me. Ah to be young again!

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As I stand here,
My grip tight around the slender neck
My friend, my comfort, my poison.
He screams,
Words digging under my skin.
I wish I could say
"Leave me"
The plea, choking me
"Leave me alone,
let me destroy myself in peace"

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2010-2012 Poems

You are the smile on my lips,
The tears in my eyes…
The lemon in my tequila,
The salt sprinkled on my wound…

I breathe for you, I bleed for you…
My life, my death, my strength, my pain, my hero…
My monster…but above all—
My love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 31May11. Piece for my video poetry...for the people you can't live with and can't live without.



My own eyes
never lit like yours
my own thighs
never slim and sleek

my skin
never as brown
i know i
never felt better than when your around

mother natures womb
makes me appreciate OUR environment
people try to separate 
they don't understand my escape

outside so rough
inside so green
all i have to do is inhale
and I'm in a living dream

the essence of you
the glory inside
your timing always on time
another reason why i can't hide

filled my soul
forgot my trouble
just lifted 
i swear your a gift

so leave me
to my inscents
music blasting to conceal
things only the blunt can heal 

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This virus swimming through my brain
Is just enough to keep me sane
This cancer eating out my mind
Is just enough to feel alive

And I'm burning, burning
Consumed by all your lies
And I'm screaming, screaming
Not without a fight

I can see my life in front of me
Every single thread
I can feel my own mortality
Black and blue, and red

This poison surging through my veins
Is just enough to dull the pain
This venom wet upon my lips
Is just enough to help forget

That I'm burning, burning
Consumed by all your lies
And I'm screaming, screaming
But it's too late to fight

I can see my life in front of me
Every single thread
I can feel my own mortality
Black and blue, and red

These toxins filling up my chest
Are just enough to keep my breath...

While I'm burning, burning
To black, and blue, and red

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Can't Understand

Loving/Being Loved

I can't understand this feeling,
A constant drug of emotions sweeping over me,
Some days I'm strong enough to conquer the world,
Some days I can't breathe, I can't see.

At one point I thought I'd escaped,
Before you pulled me straight back down to you,
I can't control this addiction anymore,
I'm completely hooked on you.

When you're around, feeding my heart, my soul,
Then I have that strength to conquer the world,
But when you're gone, I'm drained, I've lost everything,
The thought of you makes my stomach want to hurl.

This is too intense, I can't understand,
How one man can make me so crazy,
There is no way in hell I can leave you,
After you've permanently scarred me this way.

We have no chance of leading average lives,
Completely intoxicated yet it's not enough,
No one knows, no one understands,
This twisted, crazed emotion we call love.

Sometimes I hate you for it,
Making me so dependant on you,
Sometimes I cry out to be set free,
But I know there's nothing anyone can do.

I want so bad to be normal,
But no one understands how we've tried,
To try and control it and just live our lives,
But we can't outrun it, we can't just hide.

How have you done this to me,
Where did this come from,
How did you feed it to me,
How was I able to feed you some?

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