My question

What is life?
Is it your memories of old,
Is it the actions of present,
Or is it the fear of the foretold?

What is age?
Is it the scars on your body,
Is it the winkles of skin,
Or is it the year on your ID?

What is time?
Is it the hands on the clock,
Is it the 4-digit year,
Or is it the thing that doesn't stop?

What is death?
Is it your result of living,
Is it the end,
Or is it your beginning?

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Compelling reading, good use

Compelling reading, good use of form and tight use of words. Liked it, do you have any more?

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Nicely written :)

Nicely written :)

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Life is the consequences of

Life is the consequences of your choices.

Age is how those consequences affect you.

Time is the space you make those choices in.

Death is life's destination. We only guess at what comes after.

Nice work. Enjoyed it.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Life Age Time Death

Life is a little bit more than breathing
Age is a human construct only humans use
Time sits on the moon combing too short hair
Death is no life and no more aging in time.

Lady A