Spent most of my life, trapped in the dark

Chasing some sort of light, mindset so stark

I go deep into the darkness, all consumed

But somehow I emerge, hope renewed

It happens every time, like it's a game

Every day wondering, is this my last play

Focused mindset, clouded by negativity

Hoping, praying, for a moment of serendipity

This light that I'm chasing, it seems to fade

The edges of my sanity, they seem so frayed..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't remember writing this. I was looking through a notepad I sometimes write in, saw this and thought I'd upload it. This is the first poem I've uploaded. The art of English is not a great subject for me. All comments welcome, negative and positive.

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for a first poem that isn't so bad, its got good flow, and unlike most first poems which ryhme the rhymes don't feel forced, they seem to come naturally in the way the sentence is structured, I think if you wrote more and put in your 10,000 hours or whatever you might shock yourself :)

Much Love


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Just one tiny typographical mistake otherwise...........

it's lovely honest and pure.

Ever day wondering, is this my last play<--- there should be a y at the end of ever as I believe that is what you were intending to type. Keep sharing your poems. If you like writing then write. Try writing something non rhyming just let your thoughts fly free of rhyme. I think you will amaze yourself if you give that a try. Most sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

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Never noticed that. Thanks a

Never noticed that. Thanks a lot.

I am dead. I am undead. I am invisible but I will not go away.