How the humans do not want their day to be!


When your feeling really flat,

make sure to slurp a lot of swig,

stand around and wait to see yourself fatten,

but drank to much and now begin to spew.


Soon right after you just spewed,

your gagging on your shoe,

your starved to and through you tasted it sweet,

your brain just can't handle the laughter of defeat.


You pull your nerves in sync,

to realize that you had enough bread,

you head to the nearest fast food joint,

to realize they sell a lot of grub.


All this time wasted,

could have been in the kitchen sizzlin,

now at last the dinner has been rigged.


Finished just in time,

the Football game is on,

but 5 minutes through the prey,

the TV explodes into oodles.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this one...

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Infernal Absence - August 17, 2012

Chapter One

Isanity screaming inside my hollow mind,

begging for forgiveness, an objective blind.

Infernal determination, fulfillment needed;

cutting and scarring my esteem so receeded.


Ignorance without reason, a mystery veiled;

unwanted self-treason, a memory impaled.

The black cat company, a desperate attempt

to rid of others, this external conscent.


Numbness quickly detracting every emotion,

followed by a perceived negative notion.

The sum of my life, instantaneous death;

my mind is taking its final breath.


My eyes are weeping, my lungs are bleeding,

my soul is tearing, my mind is leaving.

And breaking into nothing, a blank plane;

an inperceivabe place, a shattered brain.


A little blank boy, all that's left behind,

with nothing else to call his own.

In search of someone, he tries to find,

but all he's found is that he's forever alone.

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Bad luck strikes again.


I love milk to be ice cold,

you love veggies on your pizza,

I love jokes to be told,

you love to be a mean teazah.


You say I'm weird,

I know your insane,

I can be very feared,

I just can't get you tamed!


I love my colors to be black and pink,

you love to think your truly awesome,

but you missed my snap in single blink,

so I guess that makes you quite combersome.


Your now wishin' I would stop,

but I am not finished yet,

cause I just proved your a flop,

so I'll only give you 1 lucky bet.


You role the dice to prove me wrong,

but now its my turn to role for luck,

you got a bad role and had to get gone,

I guess you really do suck!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because I was lucky and the other wasn't.

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All I Hear, All I See

What is this?
What did you do to me?
Everywhere I look,
All I see.
I see a face in a crowd,
and for a brief moment it's yours.
I hear a voice stand above the ambient sound, saying my name out loud,
And I swear it's yours.
I can almost guarantee that once I turn around that you'll be the one I see.
And once In a while I'll be having a good day and it really is you calling me,
But most of the time I'm not that lucky.
It's not that I don't like seeing the face of another friend,
But when I don't see you, my hopes for the moment just come to an end.
And for just a quick second I think "ok, that just ruined my day, don't talk to me."
It's like being shot through the heart, then through the head, yet still kept alive, just left for dead.
All because it wasn't you calling out for me.

All because it wasn't you that said "HEY ______!"

- The Coward

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm aware I left the last word out. I only write anonomously, so think of it as a guessing game.


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