Infernal Absence - August 17, 2012

Chapter One

Isanity screaming inside my hollow mind,

begging for forgiveness, an objective blind.

Infernal determination, fulfillment needed;

cutting and scarring my esteem so receeded.


Ignorance without reason, a mystery veiled;

unwanted self-treason, a memory impaled.

The black cat company, a desperate attempt

to rid of others, this external conscent.


Numbness quickly detracting every emotion,

followed by a perceived negative notion.

The sum of my life, instantaneous death;

my mind is taking its final breath.


My eyes are weeping, my lungs are bleeding,

my soul is tearing, my mind is leaving.

And breaking into nothing, a blank plane;

an inperceivabe place, a shattered brain.


A little blank boy, all that's left behind,

with nothing else to call his own.

In search of someone, he tries to find,

but all he's found is that he's forever alone.

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