Pagmamahal Ng Nakapag-aral at Matalino (In Tagalog Language)








Pagmamahal Ng Nakapag-aral at Matalino (In Tagalog Language)



Nakabuntis, umiyak

habang siya'y nagsasabing,

"Ano'ng gagawin...?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This poem is an abstract idea and does not pertain to any particular person (i.e., like most art, they are subject to interpretation, as well).

Reedited on 12.18.2019 02:21:  I simply had added to the hashtags the following words/phrases:  Tagalog, Tagalog Poetry, Tagalog poem;

Reedited on 12.18.2019 (typographical/structural emendation of "clearer (" supplanted for "clearer", the omission of a parenthesis because of the doubling of that parenthesis);

Reedited/revised/emended/reupdated on 12.17.2019 (I've just added unto this Author's Notes/Comments and paraphrased it as I went, including the Legal Disclaimer above); 12.13.2019 (please see the consequent edits below) & 12.14.2019:  (a subsequent reedition/revision/emendation due to noticing a misspelled/mistyped "relat", upon my usual incidental reviews of my poems, then supplanting for "relate" in this Author's notes/comments.  Meanwhile, the first reedition was just about an incorrect Tagalog phrase, "Anong gagawin...", which have been supplanted for "Ano'ng gagawin...?", to make the meaning clearer & or to clearly relate what I was meaning to say with the last line in the verse—yet to exact what it is not necessarily its signification).  Texts affect meaning so I have to change it the way that I did for clarity.  Thank you for reading on.